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Chained Echoes Treasure/Cave Reward Board Checklist

Supplementary Guide for Reward Cartel Boss and my eventual 100% Achievement Guide. Reward Board areas are visualized with full/partial maps. Story/unmarked locations will have screenshots in a google drive linked at the bottom of the guide.

Getting Started

This guide will only cover chests and caves related to the Reward Board.

Some notes:

  • Hidden cave treasure chests count towards the overall treasure count.
  • The number beside each section is what the Reward Board requires.
  • There will be cases where there are more chests/buried treasures than what the Reward Board requires. I’ll do my best to post all of them.
  • Most areas will have 3 sections: Treasure Chests, Buried Treasures, and Hidden Caves
  • I will add a Sky Armor Access section separately if I think it’s possible to finish the chests/treasures/caves before getting access to the feature. Otherwise, I will just add it within the various subsections.
  • Smaller towns are considered part of a Reward Board area (e.g. Basil → Rohlan Fields)
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Dancing City of Farnsport (9)

There is a chest not shown here that’s only accessible when you first get Robb and Lenne.

Area A (Blacksmith Area)

#1 & 2
Treasure/Cave Checklist

#3 Southwest of Blacksmith:
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Area B (Adventurer’s Guild)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Floating Village

#7 Accessed through Magnolia’s clinic:
Treasure/Cave Checklist

#8 & 9 Docks:
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Rohlan Fields (28)

#1-4 Area surrounding Farnsport

Treasure/Cave Checklist

#5-12West Farnsport

Treasure/Cave Checklist

(Water-accessible area zoomed)
Treasure/Cave Checklist

#13 & 14 Area west of Kortara Pass checkpointTreasure/Cave Checklist

#15-20 BasilTreasure/Cave Checklist

#21 & 22 Northwest Rholand Field

Treasure/Cave Checklist

#23-25 Seaside Village

Treasure/Cave Checklist

#26-28 Kortara Pass CheckpointTreasure/Cave Checklist

Rohlan Fields – Buried Treasures (4)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Rohlan Fields – Hidden Caves (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Rohlan Fields – Sky Armor Access

OverworldTreasure/Cave Checklist

Note: Manor Key
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Manor (unlocked with key)Treasure/Cave Checklist

2 chests
Treasure/Cave ChecklistTreasure/Cave Checklist

Gold Chest

Accessed through Baalrut Tunnel (center-right ladder leading up)
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Kortara Mountain Range (42)

Top RowTreasure/Cave Checklist

Town/Mid RowTreasure/Cave Checklist

Bottom RowTreasure/Cave Checklist

There are 40 chests on this map. The remaining chests are filled by the hidden caves.

Kortara Mountain Range – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Kortara Mountain Range – Hidden Caves (3)

1 of the caves has already been visited by someone else, but it still counts toward the total.

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Fiorwoods (38)

How do I get the chests NE of Fiorwoods?Treasure/Cave Checklist

Top RowTreasure/Cave Checklist

Bottom-to-Mid RowTreasure/Cave Checklist

The chest north of the Camp’s fast travel crystal requires quest/clan/story progression.
There are 35 chests in the overworld. 3 chests are filled by the hidden caves to complete 38 chests for the Reward Board.

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Fiorwoods – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Fiorwoods – Hidden Caves (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

City of Rain Tormund (9)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Flower Fields of Perpetua (33)

TopTreasure/Cave Checklist

BottomTreasure/Cave Checklist

34 chests in total.

Flower Fields of Perpetua – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Flower Fields of Perpetua – Hidden Caves (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

New Wyrnshire (11)

Treasure/Cave Checklist
+ Sacred Water chest in the throne room to the right of Lady Bran (not sure if it counts)

Arkant Archipelago (11)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Note: To reach the red chest on the water, get off your Sky Armor in the area shown below and walk South following the light blue portion of the water to loop around for the treasure.

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Arkant Archipelago – Buried Treasures (2)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

There’s 1 more buried treasure accessible via Sky Armor East of the fast-travel crystal.

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Arkant Archipelago – Hidden Caves (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Flying Continent Shambala (20)

TopTreasure/Cave Checklist

BottomTreasure/Cave Checklist

20 chests in total.

Flying Continent Shambala – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Flying Continent Shambala – Hidden Caves (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Magic Academy Nhysa (39)

Gold, Silver, and Copper Key

  1. Gold Key – Just behind the Memory boss in the Mansion.
  2. Silver Key – Just a bit southwest of Dragon/True King surrounded by rubble.
  3. Copper Key – Treasure Room in Seaside Village
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Lower City

18 chests in total.
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Upper City + Park

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7 chests in total.
Treasure/Cave Checklist

Wine Cellar + Mansion

The Wine Cellar is accessed with the Copper Key. 13 total with the Mansion chests.
The Elevator Key is in the Academy but initially accessed through the Mansion.
Treasure/Cave Checklist

The 3 areas combine for 38 chests. The rest are filled by hidden cave chests.

Magic Academy Nhysa – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Magic Academy Nhysa – Hidden Caves (3)

Lower CityTreasure/Cave Checklist

ParkTreasure/Cave Checklist

Ograne Grottos (20)

16 chests total. The rest are filled by the 4 hidden caves.

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Ograne Grottos – Buried Treasures (3)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Ograne Grottos – Hidden Caves (4)

Treasure/Cave Checklist

Bonus: Story/Untracked Areas

This section is for the areas that are not part of the Reward Board. I placed the screenshots in a Google Drive folder to reduce the overall load on the guide.

LINK HERE (Google Drive)

  • Note: I currently don’t have the chests for Narselene Sewers (1st visit).
  • I’m adding these chests on the side because every now and then you’ll find important loot like Sacred Water in Leviathan’s Trench.
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