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Chasm 100% Achievement Guide (Tips & Tricks)

This guide will outline on how to obtain all the achievements, with hints, tips and tricks. So that you can get the achievements as easily as possible.

Chasm 100% Achievement Guide

#1 – Warrior

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#1 – Warrior:  Defeat 100 enemies.

This achievement is easy, just kill 100 enemies and it will be unlocked.

#2 – Monster Slayer

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#2 – Monster Slayer:  Defeat 1000 enemies.

Same as the first, just kill everything in front of you that will unlock this achievement.

#3 – Wendigo

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#3 – Wendigo:  Defeat the Wendigo.

Defeat the first boss in the game, the Wendigo is located in the mines on the third level.

The Wendigo is a very straightforward boss. When it goes invisible be ready to dodge a melee strike, when it yells be ready to jump. If it has a chance to go onto the ceiling watch for falling rocks and jump over the shockwave when it lands.

Gives Wendigo’s Claw for killing it without taking damage.


#4 – Bone Worm

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#4 – Bone Worm:  Defeat the Bone Worm.

Defeat the second boss in the game, the Bone Worm is located in the Catacombs.

The Bone worm is very unpredictable. There isn’t much time to figure out what attack is being done before its already been launched. Patience is key as his attacks are easily dodged with practice, but positioning can be a particular challenge.

Gives Bone Worm Armor for killing it without taking damage.


#5 – Titan

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#5 – Titan:  Defeat the Titan

Defeat the third boss in the game, the Titan is located in the Gardens.

Attacks in a set pattern every time. Learning the pattern can help you to kill it without taking damage.

Gives Titan’s Hammer for killing it without taking damage.


#6 – King Trell

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#1 – King Trell:  Defeat the King Trell.

Defeat the fourth boss in the game, the King Trell is located in the Keep.

King Trell is all over the place in this battle. The scale of the room makes it very easy to dodge almost all his attacks. He’ll slash at you and throw his spinning sword towards you but they are all easily avoidable. Utilize a high speed/high damage weapon here and you’ll make mincemeat out of him in no time. The only time you’ll ever want to use a spell is if King Trell is far away from you, but for the most part, keep him in swing distance.

Gives Trells Sword for killing it without taking damage.


#7 – Shaman

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#7- Shaman:  Defeat the Shaman.

Defeat the fifith boss in the game, the Shaman is located in the Temple.

Probably the hardest Chasm boss on this list, Shaman moves fast and flies which makes it difficult to get those hits in. Use a whip or longsword with high damage to make each hit count. He will throw everything at you, orbs, flying crows, himself. Shaman don’t care. Just focus on being defensive, dodging and getting in those swings when the time is right. There’s no point in worrying about the no damage bonus as he is the final boss and the game will end after you defeat him, plus it’s really hard to do.

Gives Shaman’s Ax for killing it without taking damage.


#8 – Ulak

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#8 – Ulak: Deafeat Ulak.

Defeat X’uta Ulak, the Final Boss. It is located in the Magma Chamber.

Good Luck! e.e

Gives absolutely nothing for killing it without taking damage.


#9 – Big Spender

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#9 – Big Spender: Spend 5,000 gold.

Just spend 5000 in gold. It is recommended to save at the beginning of the game and then buy potions from Ash, it will be very useful later.

#10 – Bookworm

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#10 – Bookworm: Find all the Journal Entries in the game.

Journal entries appear as open books with a red feather sticking up, Press “Up” to pick them up, there are 17 total entries, TWO OF THEM are in the Outpost at the beginning of the game, be sure to collect these before leaving for Karthas as YOU CANNOT RETURN.

enter the menu and select “Journal” to view your journal entries, you have to collect all of them on one save file.

Journal Entries and Locations

  • Basden’s Letter – Tavern in Karthas
  • Entry #1 – Mines
  • Entry #2 – Mines
  • Entry #3 – Mines
  • Entry #4 – Catacombs
  • Entry #5 – Gardens
  • Entry #1 – Catacombs
  • Entry #2 – Catacombs
  • Entry #1 – Keep
  • Entry #2 – Gardens
  • Entry #3 – Keep
  • Entry #4 – Magma Chamber
  • Drake’s Note -Gardens
  • Eyes of the Watchers – Outpost (beginning of the game)
  • The Birth of Guildea – Outpost (beginning of the game)
  • The Fall of Lynhein – Catacombs
  • The King’s Procession – Keep

#11 – Superhero

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#11 – Superhero: Find all the Powerups in the game.

There are a total of 8 powerups in the game. Are they:

Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideSpiked GlovesPress against a ledge while falling to grab it.Found at Catacombs.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideShin GuardsHold DOWN and press JUMP to perform a slide.Found at Keep.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideLanternA tool used to illuminate dark places.Found at Mines.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideClimbing GearPress against a wall while falling then press JUMP to walljump.Found at Gardens.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideParachutePress and hold JUMP while falling to glide.Found at Catacombs.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideWinged BootsPress JUMP again after jumping to flip.Found at Temple.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideTranslation BookTranslates ancient Ladori writing to modern script.Found at Gardens.
Chasm | 100% Achievement GuideDiving GearAllows you to dive below the surface of water.Found at Keep. You need to reach Arena and defeat Gnarlox.

#12 – Crate Buster

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#12 – Crate Buster: Breake all crates in the game.

To get this achievement you must break all the boxes in the game, each part of the map has its own custom box, they can come in random quantities and locations. To find out where there are still boxes/chests just look for locations on the map with a dot on it. For example:

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide

#13 – Socialite

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#13 – Socialite: Rescue all the missing villagers.

The villagers are trapped around the entire map, here is a list of all NPCs and their locations:

  • Narina – Location: Mines, Floor 1. No Artefacts are needed.
  • Professor Basden – Location: Mines, Floor 1. No Artefacts are needed.
  • Wynn – Location: Mines, Floor 2. No Artefacts are needed.
  • Ash – Location: Catacombs, Spiked Gloves are needed.
  • Dom – Location: Catacombs, Spiked Gloves are needed.
  • Duncan – Location: Mines, Floor 1. Spiked Gloves are needed.
  • Ethel – Location: Gardens.
  • Kade – Location: Gardens, after turning both valves.
  • Princess – Location: Gardens, Diving Gear is required.
  • Jinx – Location: Catacombs. Climbing Gear is required.
  • Rupert – Location: The Keep. Shovel is required.
  • Grant – Location: The Keep. Climbing Gear and Parachute are required.

#14 – Good Samaritan

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#14 – Good Samaritan: Complete all villager sidequests.

Most rescued villagers have a quest. To earn this achievement complete all of them in any order.


  • Quest: Find Book of Incantations. This can be found in the Catacombs after obtaining the Shin Guards.
  • Reward: Spell Upgrades

After finding Narina’s Book of Incantations, you’ll be able to upgrade the spells you buy from her in exchange for any gemstones you find in the mines. Like your character, spells have an EXP bar and a level, and each gem gives a certain amount of EXP.

  • Topaz gives 50 EXP.
  • Ruby gives 100 EXP.
  • Sapphire gives 150 EXP.
  • Emerald gives 250 EXP.

Professor Basden

  • Quest: Explores with you down through the mines. He doesn’t ask you to find things for him, but occasionally will ask you to go ahead to clean up the monsters.


  • Quest: Find Deck of Cards. These can be found at the beginning of the Gardens, the Climbing Gear is required.
  • Reward: Afterwards, you can play Wynn in a card matching game in order to win a Token.


Quest: Will ask you to bring back any recipes you find so she can make new potions for you to use.

High Potion
Effect: Heals 200 HP.
Price: 250 Gold.

High Tonic
Effect: Restores 100 MP.
Price: 150 Gold.

Effect: Cures poisoned status condition.
Price: 50 Gold.

Strength Potion
Effect: Increases melee damage for 30 seconds.
Price: 150 Gold.

Speed Potion
Effect: Gives you temporary super speed for 60 seconds.
Price: 250 Gold.


Quest: Find Hammer
Reward: In return, he’ll craft new items for you. Provided you have the materials for them.


Quest: Find 3 stashes of money in the Mines. He’ll give you a Shovel and you’ll need to dig the stashes up, they’re found in Red Chests. Two are found on Floor 1 of the Mines, and one is found on Floor 2.
Reward:In return, Duncan will give you 500 Gold and the Shovel permanently.


  • Quest: Find 3 bags of Flour. You can find these in Red Chests around the levels.
  • Reward: In return, Ethel will give you a Scone and be able to sell you more food items.


  • Quest: She’ll ask you to find 4 venison pieces. You can harvest these from Kobolds.
  • Reward: Hunting Sword (First kill adds a Bestiary entry). TIP: Defeat Spear Kobolds for easy Venison. They have Venison as their common drop.


  • Reward: When you visit her in her room, you can open a Red Chest to receive a Light Stone.


  • Quest: He will ask you to find a Pocketwatch and a Glass Eye. Pocketwatch is found in the Catacombs, while Glass Eye is found in the Gardens.
  • Reward: In return, he’ll give you the Lion Ring.


  • Quest: Find 3 Platinum Bars.
  • Reward: In return, he will give you the Secret Detector to find hidden paths.


  • Quest: Find him a toy. In the Mines on Floor 2, you can find the Knight Figurine to give to him.
  • Reward: Mana Ring

#15 – Explorer

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#15 – Explorer: Explorer 100% of the map.

Just explore all rooms in the game, after exploring a whole map the map will have a checkmark in the name at the top of the map.

#16 – Zoologist

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#16 – Zoologist: Unlock all the Bestiary entries.

To get this achievement you must kill all enemies in the game, each enemy needs to be killed X number of times to be added to the bestiary. Bosses and unique enemies only need one kill to be added.

TIP: use hunting sword to get logs easily

In case you’re lost, here’s a guide to all the enemies in the game with their locations and info.


#17 – Prizefighter

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#17 – Prizefighter: Defeat a boss without getting hit.

Consisting of defeating a boss without taking damage. If you don’t get this achievement in your normal save, you can download this save to fight the Wendigo and try as many times as you want:


#18 – Guildean Knight

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#18 – Guildean Knight: Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

Just complete the game on Hard difficulty hehe.

#19 – Mere Mortal

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#19 – Mere Mortal: Complete the game as a Mortal.

This achievement unlocks when you manage to complete the game without dying.

Mere Mortal can be completed on the Easy difficulty setting.

It’s best to have beaten the game once before so you don’t have to spend risky time figuring out boss behavior or quests.

Carry plenty of health items and be generally careful and it’s a straightforward achievement.
The Magic Shield spell does crazy damage when it’s fully leveled up. Great for when a boss gets up in your face.

#20 – Gladiator

Chasm | 100% Achievement Guide#20 – Gladiator: Become the Arena champion.

For this achievement you need to find Gnarlox in the Keep, first he proposes you to fight three matches against area mobs. On the fourth match you will be able to fight him. Defeating this enemy will grant you Diving Gear and the achievement. Always check your equipment before starting an arena stage, and always carry food and healing potions so you don’t die in battle.

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