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Chasm – Key items & Gemstones

Black Feather – A black feather radiating dark energy.
Shadow Gem – A pitch-black stone that vibrates with power.
Spiked Gloves – Press against a ledge while falling to grab it.
Shin Guards – Hold DOWN and press JUMP to perform a slide.
Lantern – A tool used to illuminate dark places.
Climbing Gear – Press against a wall while falling then press JUMP to walljump.
Parachute – Press and hold JUMP while falling to glide.
Winged Boots – Press JUMP again after jumping to flip.
Diving Gear – Allows you to dive below the surface of water.
Flour Bag – A bag of flour used for making baked goods.
Deck of Cards – A deck of cards used for matching games.
Secret Stash – A gold stash that Duncan buried for safekeeping.
Knight Figurine – A wooden figurine that resembles a knight.
Pocketwatch – A pocketwatch inscribed with the name Felix Faron.
Glass Eye – A glass eye belonging to the thief Drake Stryker.
Translation Book – Translates ancient Ladori writing to modern script.
Ulak Pendant – An ancient volcanic stone carved into the symbol of Ulak.


(Used to level spells) Spell Points
Topaz – A brilliant orange gemstone. 50
Ruby – A sparkling red gemstone. 100
Sapphire – A vivid blue gemstone. 150
Emerald – A deep green gemstone. 250
Diamond – A crystal clear gemstone. 500

Note: Gemstones drop off of enemies seemingly based on the area they are in. Also the Dagger seems like the only spell worth using.

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