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Control A Merry Chase Walkthrough

A Merry Chase Walkthrough

The task will become active after a conversation with the janitor. Turn around and leave the utility room. Go to the corridor in front and turn into the room on the right side to find a TV. Interact with it and get a video record. Go to the far room where the red light is glowing. Walk across the room so that the floor in the center collapses. You’ll see another object of power in the distance – a merry-go-round horse. Get to it and interact with this object.

From now on, you can evade (basically, a rush forward). Use CTRL to activate it. Move around the location using this rush. To jump over large chasms, press Space or CTRL. Run away from golden enemies as they are not vulnerable to Jesse’s attacks. For the completion of this quest, you’ll get 2 ability points. To leave this place, jump along the platforms and move in the direction of the bright light.

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