Control Directorial Override Walkthrough


Directorial Override Walkthrough From now on, you can acquire various abilities. To do this, interact with any control point. Pay attention to the scale below. By spending ability points, you’ll unlock additional slots for weapon modifications, heroine, a new form of the service weapon, and so on. In the menu Astral Constructs, you can use … Read more

Control A Good Defense Walkthrough

Control Side Quests Walkthrough

Control A Good Defense Walkthrough In the description of the storyline quest Directorial Override, we have indicated which note should be picked up to activate this task. Return to the NSC Power Plant and go to the right. Not far from the door that leads to energy converters, you’ll find the door that you need … Read more

Control Burn the Trash Walkthrough

Control Side Quests Walkthrough

Burn the Trash Walkthrough What a Mess: Burn the Trash To get this task, examine the board in Ahti’s utility room and remove a tablet with a manual. Continue the storyline quest Directorial Override. When you go to the pumps and clear the control point, go to the room on the right. That’s Furnace Chamber. … Read more

Control A Merry Chase Walkthrough

Control Side Quests Walkthrough

A Merry Chase Walkthrough The task will become active after a conversation with the janitor. Turn around and leave the utility room. Go to the corridor in front and turn into the room on the right side to find a TV. Interact with it and get a video record. Go to the far room where … Read more