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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Pro Player Nickname Origin / Meaning!

Here you can learn the background, origin and lore of nicknames of professional players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Pro Player Nickname Origin / Meaning!


allu (Aleksi Jalli)
A nickname of his name.

autimatic (Timothy Ta)
“My friend told me that I should have it as automatic, like the normal way you spell it. And then I told him: “Well, what if I replace the O with an I, and then it spell au-Tim-atic?” Yeah, that’s how I got it.”

AdreN (Dauren Kystaubayev)
“Origin of my nickname is very simple as always. I was sitting and thinking of a nickname. Coming up with a nickname is the most difficult thing for an upcoming pro. I spent an entire day thinking of a nickname. I used my older brother’s nickname. He was Taff and I was Taff1k. A diminutive form. So I was trying to come up with unique nickname. There was music playing on the background, don’t remember the band name [Total]. Бьет По Глазам Адреналин. I thought to myself Бьет По Глазам Адреналин. Adrenaline sounds like a cool nickname, nobody has it. That’s it. As time went by I realized it takes too long for casters to pronounce. So I decided to shorten it a bit: AdreN.”


Basso (Sebastian Aagaard)
“It’s actually my dad, yeah, since I was a small boy he just called me Basso and then I couldn’t get a tag for CS so I just went with Basso.”

Boaster (Jake Howlet)
“It’s not a very exciting process. I was literally making an account and I didn’t know how, and I asked my dad, he was just like “What name do you want?” I was like “I don’t know.” and he was like “Do you want Boaster?” and I was like “Yeah, go on then.” and then voilà. I was only a kid, so, I didn’t even know what I was doing, but I’ve just kept with it ever since.”

boltz (Ricardo Prass)
Inspired from Bolt (animated movie), added the z to it.


coldzera (Marcelo David)
Doesn’t feel pressure, describes himself as a cold hearted player.


Danceyz (Zaki Dance)
“Well, my last name is Dance, so I just put yz at the end, Danceyz.”

denis (Denis Howell)
His name.

dennis (Dennis Edman)
His name.

Devilwalk (Jonatan Lundberg)
“I got my nickname from a friend that got it from a Swedish female politician “Gudrun Schyman” and spelled in English it would be “Godrun Skyman.” Myself who wanted a cool nickname reversed it. God-Devil, Run-Walk, Sky-Ground, Man-Woman. So my whole nickname is “Devilwalk Ground-Woman.” I later decided to take on “Devilwalk” to make it shorter.”

Dosia (Mikhail Stolyarov)
“I saw an ad, I liked it, started using it.”


Edward (Ioann Sukhariev)
“Woah, it was so long time ago when I was really really small and young. I had like haircut which was like simrlle- similiar haircut from some popular movie which hosted Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp.”

EliGE (Jonathan Jablonowski)
“So actually, I played StarCraft II before and there was a player named SeleCT that I liked a lot and I was also in Spanish class and I saw on my test, y’know, it says, y’know select the following answers or whatever and it was elije or elige and that’s how I got my name. I just put the two together and I wanted that for my name.”


f0rest (Patrik Lindberg)
“I played a lot of Warcraft back in the day, and I needed nicknames for my training accs so I came up with the brilliant idea to use f0rest (Cause there was a lot of wood/forest in wc3 which was driving me nuts after a few hours of play ) So it became Undeadf0rest, Livingf0rest, Treef0rest (don’t ask please I was very young). Came back to CS with the nick Treef0rest^ and I got flamed to oblivion and I had no idea why, then a nice guy told me that the nickname made no sense at all and told me to use f0rest, and here I am.”

FalleN (Gabriel Toledo)
His brother used to play Magic: The Gathering, there was a card called Fallen Angel. He later dropped the Angel.

FASHR (Dion Derksen)
“I was searching on Google for a nickname and then I saw Fashii with double I and I just took it off and place an R behind it and that’s how I got my nickname.”

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felps (João Vasconcellos)
Is a fan of Michael Phelps, replaced Ph with f.

fer (Fernando Alvarenga)
Shortened version of his name.

flusha (Robin Rönnquist)
“I was first called flushatoilet which is flush toilet, yeah. Yeah, it was my second account, it was like a smurf, I just fooled around on that account, but I actually ranked first on that website, so everyone got to know who I was just by that. So like, everyone knew me as flushatoilet, but I, I like- yeah, so I just took away the toilet and then, yeah.”

fnx (Lincoln Lau)
Brother suggested to use Fênix (Phoenix) because they liked Saint Seiya (anime). Has been using it since he was 13.

friberg (Adam Friberg)
“I had a lot of nicknames when I was younger, but I figured like: “Nah, none of them really fit me.” so I don’t know, I just picked my last name and made it easy on myself.”

FugLy (Jacob Medina)
“I played a game called Runescape back in 2004. I told my dad about it and I asked if he wanted me to make him an account. I ended up making an account for him and he told me to name it Fugly. The name ended up being “Fugly113” and since my alias in cs was god awful – “Wrestler” – I decided to change it to Fugly.”


GeT_RiGhT (Christopher Alesund)
“My brother gave it to me!”

gob b (Fatih Dayik)
“Okay, my in-game name comes from- the “gob” part comes from goblin, it’s a shortcut, and the “b” comes from a friend which committed suicide and it’s a first letter of him as a tribute and yeah, I will never forget him, that’s why gob b.”

GuardiaN (Ladislav Kovács)
“I used to play games with my friends and I was always the better one, so I was always like saving them, defending them, so I felt like guardian is something that shows my background with friends, so that’s why I use the nickname GuardiaN.”


Happy (Vincent Cervoni Schopenhauer)
“My nickname I picked, it became a bit ironic since I don’t really look happy all the time.”

haste (Thomas Dyrensborg)
“It’s a funny story. I’ve played a lot of Heroes of Newerth and recent we actually had a Heroes of Newerth team and I got it from the room, the room haste and that’s true. That’s seriously true, yeah. That’s how I got it.”

HEN1 (Henrique Teles)
Shortened version of his name + 1.

HObbit (Abay Khassenov)
“I was almost 10 years old. I was already playing CS. I was in kids’ room with my brother and uncle. All of us were playing CS. My nickname was BOSS. We thought it was stupid. I was little, so it was hard to come up with a suitable nickname. We weren’t able to come up with anything for a long time. My uncle offered: “What if we call you HObbit?” HObbit sounds cool, let’s stick with it. So my uncle and brother came up with my nickname. So I’ve been using HObbit ever since I was 9 years old.”

HS (Kevin Tarn)
“I was really uncreative and I just- the most obvious thing to me was just like shooting headshots, so.”


chrisJ (Chris de Jong)
First name and the first letter of his surname.


jakem (Jake McCausland)
“Ah, it’s quite complicated process. Basically took my first name and then the last- the first letter of my surname and just thought I’d put them together, see what happens, y’know, jakem.”

jdm64 (Josh Marzano)
Initials of his name + 64. (D – middle name)

JW (Jesper Wecksell)
Initials of his name.


kennyS (Kenny Schrub)
First name and the first letter of his surname.

Kjaerbye (Markus Kjærbye)
“So yeah, I was really tempted to change my name every now and then, because I was not that old and everyone thought I was cheating and stuff like that. I just changed my name all the time and it didn’t work out, because people didn’t know who I was, back in the days. And I was- my voice was light and people would make fun of it, so I ended up taking my last name, because I wanted to like people to see me more mature and seriously, so it was just the easy way to go.”

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KS (Kevin Svenningsen)
“Obviously is my- my initials, but I’d like to think it stands for something greater, but I don’t really know what that is, at the moment, so I’m kinda lost.”


LUCAS1 (Lucas Teles)
His name + 1.


markeloff (Yegor Markelov)
His surname romanized differently.

MiGHTYMAX (Max Heath)
“I got my nickname at the start of CS:GO, where I used to play a lot of matchmaking with my friends and um, and my old nickname was a bit.. terrible to be honest and- [What was it?] ThisIsDeadlyy with two Y’s and so I- my name is Max, so I just did MiGHTYMAX. Turns out it used to be a TV show character, so, yeah, that’s all I got.”

mikeS (Mike Tuns)
“Well my friends in high school, like, they always used to call me Mikes, so I just added an- a big S, like a capital S to it. And everyone started calling me mikeS, but, yeah that’s where it came from.”

mou (Rustem Telepov)
“My story is very simple. My nickname used to be mouse. In my first team we decided to shorten our nicknames to 3 letters. mouse became mou and I’ve been using it ever since.

MSL (Mathias Lauridsen)
Initials of his name. (S – Sommer, middle name)


nahtE (Ethan Arnold)
Name spelled backwads.

NBK- (Nathan Schmitt)
“I was reading the manga Battle Royale, and in it, a character talks about a film called Natural Born Killers, which is a real movie. I’ve never watched it, but I just thought that the name was cool and fitting for CS, so I used the initials.”

“Many people came with ideas of baguette or Nathan, but it’s Natural Born Killer-.”

NiKo (Nikola Kovač)
“So obviously my name is Nikola and actually I saw many players- I saw few players in 1.6 which were using Nico and that’s why I took it. First I had- my first nickname was NiKolinho, because of Ronaldinho and I thought it was too childish, and that’s why I just changed it to NiKo.”

niko (Nikolaj Kristensen)
Shortened version of his name.


olofmeister (Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson)
“A neighbour nicked Tmeister and then I wanted to nick- then I wanted to nick like him and ever since then, ever since then.”

oskar (Tomáš Šťastný)
“My- my mom give me this nickname when I was four or five years old. Then my friends from ice hockey team called me like that and then it was like that. Everyone knew me as oskar.”


pashaBiceps (Jarosław Jarząbkowski)
“I’ve once eaten pig food. (pasza – fodder)”

Puls3 (Reece Marrs)
“Honestly, I stole it from my brother. Like he- he played, Counter-Strike before me and then he just quit and I just kept the name when I was like really young, so, that was it.”


reltuC (Steve Cutler)
Surname spelled backwards.

roca (Daniel Gustaferri)
“It wasn’t even supposed to be acorn, okay that’s how it popped up. Legitimately I’m not even ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥tting when I say this. The liars in the chat- what my name was, you know, I was like: “What?” Acorn? I’m not ♥♥♥♥ing acorn, so I took off the N and it was acor. Okay, I was like “What the ♥♥♥♥?! That doesn’t look good, that doesn’t sound good.” I was like: “Hmm, what can I do with these four letters.” You know, I just was like: “Flip! Flip it!” roca. No freaking joke, that’s how I got my name. Swear to God on my life. All my life, bro.”

Rock1nG (Ivan Stratiev)
“Rock is like rock, you know, stone and king, the king of the rocks.”

ropz (Robin Kool)
“I had a childhood friends of mine and his, his mom used to call me like, I’ll say it in a Slavic accent, ropzka. So I took the shorter version of it, just ropz, just the first four letters of it.”

RUBINO (Ruben Villarroel)
“Actually, my first nickname was not RUBINO, it was Bl3zr, so Blazer. But I think it was a friend of mine just saying: “Okay, you should call nick that.” and I did. And since I have had that nickname.”

RUSH (Will Wierzba)
“I mean, it’s a mix of things, but I guess you could say the main thing would be I’m an aggressive player and I would always like rush into like things like I’d always like be pretty aggressive, that’s the main thing. But also, ah, I could say like the adrenaline rush you get from playing, like in a clutch situation for example, that’s part of it. So it’s a mix of both of those probably.”

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ryx (Ronnie Bylicki)
“Growing up I got to witness a superstar of the 1.6 era: cyx, who without a doubt was my idol in Counter-Strike. I would try to mimic his play style, spots on maps and the creativity he brought to the game. Which in a way made me want to use his name but instead of stealing it I took out the C and replaced it with an R for Ronnie which is my first name.”


ScreaM (Adil Benrlitom)
“I had the really bad nickname and one of my friend told me that I should put ScreaM. I just did it, because it’s just cool, yeah.”

seized (Denis Kostin)
“Let’s say that my story isn’t particularly interesting, since it was- I just took a dictionary and randomly picked a word that I liked. That’s how my nickname appeared, so there’s nothing special about it.”

shox (Richard Papillon)
“I was coming back from school and started to play a lot of CS and was searching for nickname. And then I just look at my feets and I was wearing the shoes Nike Shox, so I felt like “Eh, it’s good.” and that’s how it comes.

shroud (Michael Grzesiek)
His original alias was eclipse, but later when the name was taken he changed to shroud as it was the first synonym of eclipse he could find.

Skadoodle (Tyler Latham)
“I got my name Skadoodle from playing this game called Battlefield: Vietnam a long time ago.”

SmithZz (Edouard Dubourdeaux)
“Smith was randomly choose but was smithmme at first , then I put Zz because I was tired one day during death match and that’s it ?”

steel (Lucas Lopes)
When he was a kid, he wanted to have a cool nickname, but it had to be something in English. One of the few words he knew at the time was steel.

Stewie2K (Jacky Yip)
“Alright, so this is how I got my name. When I first started playing CS:GO, my friend bought me this game, right. He gifted me this game, and we always played with a group of five or four. And we all had like Family Guy names and Family Guy pictures. So some people picked Peter, Brian, Lois and I picked Stewie. And then one day in matchmaking, there was another Stewie, so I like thought about something where I could put the end to indicate myself from the others and I didn’t know what to put. I was honestly about to put 1g like summit. And I was like “I don’t want to copy him.” So I just like, put 2K. ‘Cuz it’s like- I wanna put 2K like 2K14 for 2014 but it was like too long, so I just put 2K, so that’s how I came up with my nickname. I was eventually gonna change my name, but over time that’s what everyone knew me for.”

STYKO (Martin Styk)
His surname + O.


TACO (Epitácio de Melo)
Shortened version of his name.

Tarik (Tarik Celik)
His name.

Twistzz (Russel Van Dulken)
“It was the first name I thought of for some reason. I had the name twist before I played CS.”


xek (Valuntine Dinev)
“A friend of mine gave it to me, actually. I was wondering what nickname should I choose, what’s cool and he just told me: “You should go for Xek.” and that’s how it goes.”

Xizt (Richard Landström)
“Well, my brother’s friend’s nickname was xiZ*, so I basically just stole the name and put another letter at the end of it. Yes, I was a stupid kid back then.”

Xyp9x (Andreas Højsleth)
“My alias is Xyp9x. I got it from when I was younger, I didn’t really know what to call myself and then I just typed something random on the keyboard. Suddenly it was there.”


yeL (Gustavo Knittel)
“When I was young I had an uncle that called me amarelo, it means yellow in, in English. And then I took it from there.”

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