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Dead Estate Money Guide: Best Way to Farm Money (1.5)

Struggling with the Bank Achievements? Don’t have enough money to satisfy the Witch? This describes the best ways to farm money in Dead Estate. Whether it’s through exploits, sheer luck, or most consistent ways, this has it all… well, unless I can’t think of it lmao.

Dead Estate Money Guide: Best Way to Farm Money

This describes what I would consider to be the best way to farm money. It’s not very consistent, but when it happens, you easily get 10k+ money in a single loop. This’ll utilize luck, though.

Start a run, and get to Cordelia’s shop. See if she’s selling the Superglue. Additionally, you might get it from the Item Room chest. Next, you’re going to have to get lucky. Find either the Diamond Handgun or Diamond Shotgun. These weapons drop more money if you kill an enemy… like, A LOT more money (Around 1.3k each boss and Chunks knockout). Another way to get the Diamond Handgun or Shotgun is to obtain the “error” item, which randomizes your secondary weapon every three seconds. You might need to knockout chunks, but you can wait it next to Cordelia/Superglue until you get the Diamond gun, to which you can immediately pick it up/buy it. You’ll keep the Diamond gun, and it won’t keep getting randomized. Just don’t mess the timing though, even though it’s not very tight, it’s still possible…

Simply keep buying essential items throughout the run (Avoid picking up TP unless you have Wet Wipes, as you can easily lose the run this way) and prioritize not dying. While killing bosses is encouraged as you can get a lot of money, if you’re on the brink of death, having things like the Elevator Button or better yet, the Vault which can help you secure as much money as possible. These can help you escape from an otherwise difficult or annoying boss (like the damn clown…).

Some to point out is that you can pick up Superglue early on, and avoid picking up any non-diamond weapons. You’ll keep the effect.
Eventually, once you unlock Angel, you can use the shop or Chunks Medallions to try to get a Superglue too. Also, avoid Cultist shops, you don’t want to end up getting a run ending item..

You can keep going until you either have enough, or feel like you’re going to die (unless you don’t care about ending the run on a win!). Something else note-worthy is that having a secondary weapon can help you get out of sticky situations, but remember that the enemies/bosses killed by them won’t drop the excess money.

Other items that can help are the Compass to find Elevators, Glory Box for a better chance of getting Superglue, Gun Nut if you already have the glue but you’re finding the Diamond gun, or the refresher items.
This isn’t the most consistent method, but it’s the best non-exploit way to farm money. You’ll be swimming in riches, just don’t die before you reach the bank..!

Tips in General!

Don’t feel like waiting until you magically get the perfect items, while not cheating? These are some general money tips:

  • Play on Too Young To Die!, it may feel too easy for some, but hey, it’s consistent! You have more time to min-max everything, and everything feels easier in general.
  • [Spoilers if you haven’t completed a run!] Don’t buy things from the Cultist. You’re gambling, and the last thing you want is to get a run-ruining item or an item that might net you less money like Mercury Blob or Tiny Wallet…
  • Break pots for the Golden Worms!
  • [Character Spoiler] This shouldn’t come to much surprise, but speedrunning with Lydia for a bank is a great way of putting in bursts of money to the bank.

Don’t really have much to say, if you’re struggling with money, avoid spending on things that only give you small bonuses from Witch. Although to be fair, you should mostly be spending it on the Doctor anyways.

Money Items!

I’m going to list every item that helps with gaining more money, even if it’s bad, it’s still more money!


  • Diamond Handgun & Diamond Shotgun: Makes enemies explode into money.
  • Every gun: Just destroy it lol


  • Big Heart: Beefy enemies become more common, but drop more money on death.
  • Blood money: Taking damage will give you money.
  • Bloodthirst: Allows you to absorb blood before it hits the floor, giving you money.
  • Candy Bag: Enemies and pots drop more money.
  • Gold Kernel: Enemies drop double the coins.
  • Leech Pact: Generate a little money as long as you’re 1hp in a room with enemies
  • Magnifying Glass: Chance to receive coins upon entering a room for the first time.
  • Party Piñata: Chance for piñatas to appear which give you special goodies. (Including money!)
  • Paycheck: Obtain a bonus coin every time you break a pot or kill an enemy.
  • Point Card: Buying 3 items from the Witch gives you some money, health, and ammo.
  • Silver Pendant: Vases contain a little more money.
  • Trade-in receipt: Destroying weapons gives you more money.


These items *arguably* give money. Depends on who you ask or the situation.

  • Au: Chance for golden enemies to spawn that only drop gold coins.
  • Chaos Token: Randomizes all of your items at the start of the next floor.
  • Coupon: Decreases the cost of all items in the shop by 25%.
  • Duplicator: Gives you three of the next item you pick up. (Get three money-making items :D)
  • Kitchener Leslie’s Lady: Higher chance for enemies to drop gold coins.
  • Liquid Luck: Significantly increases the odds of any chance-based items working.
  • Mercury Blob: Gold coins will never drop, but silver coins are worth more.
  • Shiny Pocket Watch: Gold pots become more common, but all pots will be erased in the first 5 seconds of entering a room.

Avoid these!

These items work against you! Don’t pick these up for money!

  • Big Spender: When a weapon runs out of ammo, you can continue firing using money instead.
  • Chrysus Medallion: When you hit 0hp, you will stay alive while rapidly losing money until $0.
  • Tax Forms: Lose $1 every second while in combat, but gain damage proportional to your money.
  • Tiny Wallet: Limits you to $500, but grants a speed and damage boost when you reach $500

Exploit Method

I would highly suggest avoiding this method. It can take away the fun/experience of the game in general. That being said…

Read at your own risk! First step is to head to the vault. Preferably with as much money as possible, but it really doesn’t matter how much. Anyways, step one is to deposit all of your money to the bank. Then, exit the run. Once you join back, you should notice that you have your money again, but when talking to the teller, the money you deposited is there aswell. Keep going to your heart’s content, and you can get as much money as you want.

I don’t condone this, but it’s there for those of you who don’t want to install Cheat Engine or whatever.


Now with this info in your grasp, go out and be an absolute baller, and impress the Witch 😉

I might update this guide for future updates, just as long as there aren’t too many major changes to methods or items…

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