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Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Guide: Gacha



Can’t avoid this. This is where all your hopes and dreams come to die. Here’s how bad it is – the best odds I ever saw for getting an SSR was 3.3% in the Japanese version. Keyword: BEST.

Alright – let me preface this by saying luck cannot be measured, I’ve seen people get 2 SSRs in a single 10x pull. I’ve personally spent 30k stones on an event Gacha without a single SSR to show for it, and there are people who have easily doubled that number.

Anyway, the individual odds for each and every item in the Gacha pull is given at the top right due to certain gambling laws, because that is exactly what this is. Don’t go in expecting a SSR, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

The Gacha screen will always have the following two available: Venus Gacha and Guest Point Gacha. If there is an event ongoing (which is about 100% of the time), you’ll usually find the Trendy Outfit Gacha sitting at the top like you see in the example above.

Take solace in the fact that you will never get a N rarity swimsuit from the Gacha, with the sole exception of the Guest Point Gacha.

Now, whatever you do, never, ever spend V stones on the Venus Gacha.

The point about the Venus Gacha deserves an explanation. Being a Gacha game, the power creep in this game is insane. The problem is that Venus SSRs are bad in comparison to Trend SSRs, which in turn are often weaker than the next Trend SSR in line.

For reference, the screenshots below are of a level 1 Venus SSR and a lvl 1 Trend SSR released in the Japanese version from about a month ago.

Venus SSR

Trend SSR

The difference in stats between the two is absolutely insane, with the Trend SSR outperforming the Venus SSR in every possible way.

I would honestly recommend you save your V stones exclusively for Trend SSRs, or when a really powerful swimsuit becomes available. That, or if a certain swimsuit really catches your eye. It’s your call to make, although another reason I’d recommend skipping Venus Gacha is simply because the Gacha only has a 0.1% chance of getting a SSR for a specific girl as opposed to the 0.78% chance offered by a Trend SSR.

That, and the game showers you with Venus Gacha coupons. However, at the end of the day, it is your decision to make.

Lastly: Spend any and all Guest Points here while you can, because there’s literally no other use for it.

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