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Death’s Gambit – Free Immortalite Stone and A Little Story

Important information: Don’t read this guide if you don’t want any spoilers.

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Down below I’ll explain what to do to get an additional immortalite stone while following a little side story. Completing a starting part of this side story before killing the Bulwark is recommended since I have no proof of it working if the boss is killed beforehand.

The Cave

The Cave
Just before the Bulwark, there’s a staircase where you’ll see an entrance to a cave.

  • From here on I would recommend talking to every little creature that has the dialogue option if you want to follow the side story of course.
  • Enter the cave and don’t forget to go to the left there’s a tome.
  • After that, you’d want to re-enter the cave until it stops changing the environment.

Returning again

Returning again

  • Now you can only continue if you’ve defeated the Bulwark.
  • Re-enter the cave until the dialogue asking you to wait 10 minutes appears.
  • Now wait for 10 minutes and enjoy your immortalite.

Post scriptum

I don’t know if this is the best way to complete this little story, but I hope that helped you.

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