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Death’s Gambit – How to beat the Golden Drake Knights

In this guide I will show you how to easily kill the golden drake knights. Some may consider this to be an exploit because you’re stunlocking the enemy.

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The only thing you will need to have unlocked for this is Jaco of Balius’ store.

Farming shards

First of you should farm some shards.
I like to farm in Emulvaro’s Observatory where you can kill the first enemy for 208 shards.

How to unlock this area: This area is unlocked after you use the crest of gaia on the elevator.

Spending your shards

Once you have around 1000 shards go to Jaco of Balius’ store and spend all your shards on crystal bombs. You don’t really need 1000 shards, 550 should also work but just to be safe.

The fight

Go to the golden drake knight that you want to get of and stand in front of him, far enough so that he doesn’t agro.

Equip your Crystal bombs and spam them.

Once he jumps in the air just finish him with a jumping attack.

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Yes, I know that stunlocking them with bombs is not a “legit” way to kill these guys but I saw that people were struggling with them so I decided to make a Guide.

This is kind of an exploit so this might get patched.

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