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Death’s Gambit – Useful Tips and Tricks

Starting Tips

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Before we delve deeper into the guide let me ask you a question, have you played a souls-like? if yes than you should roughly know what to expect, if not then let me go through some starting tips:

Pay Attention To Enemy Attacks: Enemies have a base set of attacks that they’ll use against you, pay attention to how these attacks play out and learn how and when to dodge them, learn patterns and adapt to your enemies.

There Are Secrets Everywhere: See that small crack on the ground? that could be a secret, secrets could be anywhere and everywhere, so keep your wits about you and pay attention to your surroundings.

Watch Where You Swing: NPC’s can be hurt by your swings, and will eventually become hostile if you continue attacking them, they will drop items upon death but will not respawn (still testing for all NPC’s) but prove quite a challenge and you lose any utility they provided.

General Tips And Tricks

Here i’ll be gotting down anything that might prove useful in your journey through Death’s Gambit.

Not These Guys: These guys will generally f*ck your day up, you’ll die alot to them. My tip for them is learn to parry them, as crazy and hard as that may seem it’s really easy once you’ve got it down. all they’re sword swings/dashes or whatever can be parried, try and parry right around when your about to be struck by them, that’s about it.

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The Title’s a Lie: While this isn’t really a tip i’ll put it here never the less (fight me). Items that are consumable will appear as a white orb drops while equipment items like weapons and helmets and whatnot will appear as blue orb drops, keep this in mind when risking it all for an item.

Buy My Wares: Check back with NPC’s after completing an area to see if they have new items and abilities to teach you, as an addition here as an extra tid bit a certain NPC will give you some free stuff the more people you get in the hub so make sure to check with them every new NPC that shows up.

Boss Tips And Tricks

I’ll add to this section later as i fight the bosses more in different sessions, if you have anything to put here just throw it in the comments.


Written by Shrublord

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