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Deep Rock Galactic Easy Hazard 5 on Point Extraction With BOSCO

DISCLAIMER: I meant to publish this guide back in 2019 but never got around to fixing some minor issues. I’m publishing it now so it doesn’t go to waste and because I believe that the tips that I gave here are still relevant for the most part.

This strategy makes use of BOSCO‘s ability to easily reach, mine and carry minerals you point him at. It allows to complete Point Extractions on any difficulty very fast. It might not be as enjoyable, but useful if you’re after achievements like Rock Solid and Karl Would Be Proud.

Deep Rock Galactic Easy Hazard 5 on Point Extraction With BOSCO


BOSCO does all the mining and you do all the shooting.


  • BOSCO with Mining Expert upgrade.
  • Your character’s weapons are fully upgraded. A promoted character is preferred.
  • Hazard 5 is unlocked. (You are, of course, free to try it on lower difficulties.)
  • You are fast enough.
  • You are not afraid of failing and trying again.


BOSCO’s Part

Point BOSCO to nearest Aquarq and wait until he mines and brings it to you. Take/catch it and deposit when it’s most suitable for you. Keep doing it until you get as many Aquarqs as you need.

Your Part

All you need to do is not get killed by the aliens. Just keep distance all the time, and try to kill every last one of them. Don’t forget to point BOSCO to Aquarqs when necessary.

Additional Tips

  • Hit the Call Out button (X by default on keyboards) to make BOSCO drop Aquarq.
  • Ideally, you should stay close to the platform all the time. But if you ran out of Aquarqs in sight, go to the closest cave and try to spot one there. When you do, point BOSCO to it and return to the platform as fast as possible.
  • BOSCO shouldn’t be idle for too long. Point him to the next Aquarq as soon as he’s free. Ideally, you need to know its location beforehand. Time is precious!
  • Class doesn’t really matter, but you need to be prepared for at least one swarm. Driller or Gunner will work best, since they can deal with at lot of aliens easily.
  • Don’t bother to mine any minerals, unless you really have a few seconds to spare. But you can mine an Aquarq if it’s very close to the platform, while BOSCO is mining another one. It can shorten a mission by a significant amount of time.
  • Your chances of successfully completing a mission will significantly decrease if Dreadnought or Bulk Detonator get spawned. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen that often before second swarm.
  • First swarm appears after 8-10 minutes. You can complete the mission before this time if you are very fast.
  • There shouldn’t be the need to call a resupply pod if you complete the mission fast enough.
  • Pick a mission with 7 Aquarqs and without any warnings if you want it to be as easy as possible.
  • If you exit the game during a mission, it won’t count as failed (contrary to abandoning a mission!). It’s especially useful for the Rock Solid achievement.


That’s enough of chattering! Let’s see some action!

Here I complete a Hazard 5 Point Extraction as a Driller with BOSCO in 7 minutes and 28 seconds without going down and without calling a resupply pod (thus satisfying the Karl Would Be Proud achievement). It would be even faster if I mined all the Aquarqs that were close to me. But BOSCO will really shine in open caves where all Aquarqs are far away.

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