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Engineer Builds

The engineer has a solution to every problem. The SMG and Warthog provide quick bursts of large close range damage. The grenade launcher can devastate hordes of warriors and the breach cutter can melt praetorians and their armour. Turrets can protect the team from all angles and save your backside from being bitten.


  • The voltaic SMG can be amazing crowd control, or insane burst damage against single targets. Either way it’s a very versatile weapon.
  • The warthog provides a great source of close range devastation, with the power to one-shot warriors and take out praetorians.
  • The grenade launcher can set everything on fire, strip armour or just leave a giant hole where a horde of warriors and swarmers used to be.
  • The breach cutter shoots beams of plasma, able to slice through enemies like butter. The bigger they are the harder they fall.


  • Coming armed with a platform gun, the engineer can quickly make constructs to help the team. From making platforms underneath minerals for the scout, making a quick bridge or staircase to even covering up lava and creating entire floors for salvage missions – this gun comes in handy.
  • Turrets can gun down any creature in range with deadly precision, especially useful for pesky swarmers and covering your backside for when things go south.

Warthog Builds

Warthog: All Round Build
This build is useful for any situation you may find yourself in.

  1. Extra clip size is important and stops you from needing to reload as often.
  2. More pellets helps you one shot warriors, and pump out damage.
  3. Quickfire ejector helps you keep a constant damage output, but the accuracy mod can extend the range if you prefer.
  4. Extra damage will stack with the pellets for large damage.
  5. Miner adjustments increases the DPS by increasing the firerate helping you make the most of the other damage upgrades.

SMG Builds

SMG: Damage Build
This is useful for tearing through enemies like butter by stacking various damage bonuses.

  1. More damage to stack with damage bonuses.
  2. Extra accuracy helps with the massive recoil of the SMG.
  3. More damage to stack with damage bonuses.
  4. Hollow point to boost damage against weakpoints for massive effect.
  5. Electric bonus damage doubles your damage against shocked enemies, stacks with damage upgrades and hollow point for massive damage results.

SMG: Electric Build
This build is useful for crowd control, and is a bunch of fun. Less effective than a straight damage build however.

  1. Additional shock chance to get the ball rolling.
  2. Increased accuracy to help with the recoil of the gun.
  3. More damage, the extra firerate wastes ammo.
  4. More electric damage, to increase the DoT.
  5. Adds a chance to shock all nearby enemies, amazing when it triggers. Combines with other electric upgrades for increased chance and more damage.

Grenade Launcher Builds

Grenade Launcher: AOE Build
This build is useful for massive crowd control, wiping out swarmers and setting fire to or stripping warriors.

  1. Extra splash to extend the damage radius more.
  2. Extra ammo to give you more shots to work with.
  3. Either armour stripping if you want to boost all your other damage sources, or take fire to finish off warriors with ease and boost driller’s subata.
  4. Extra splash to extend the damage radius even more.
  5. Spiky grenade allows for single target damage, useful against praetorians.

Grenade Launcher: Damage Build
This build is useful for taking out warriors and veteran warriors. It can also do heavy damage to praetorians.

  1. Extra splash to increase the damage radius.
  2. Increased damage to meet damage thresholds.
  3. Armour break is useful for stripping armour and fire is useful for doing more damage.
  4. Increased damage to pass the veteran warrior damage threshold.
  5. Spiky grenade allows for more single target damage, useful against praetorians.

Breach Cutter Builds

Breach Cutter: Warrior Wiper
This build is useful for destroying hordes of warriors, while still allowing for decent damage against praetorians.

  1. Extra ammo will allow you to take out more waves.
  2. Extra line size will allow you to catch more warriors.
  3. Quick deploy makes the breach cutter more useful in a pinch.
  4. Extra line size again to take out even more warriors.
  5. Double line to hit critical zones easier.

Breach Cutter: Praetorian Shredder
This build is useful for destroying the armour, and healthbars of praetorians. The extra damage can help you deal with warriors and goo bombers to.

  1. Extra damage to melt through enemies.
  2. Increased line size to catch more praetorians.
  3. Armour break to shred the armour on praetorians.
  4. Extra damage to melt through enemies.
  5. Double line to hit critical zones easier.

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