Dragon Quest Builders 2 Crafting Recipes

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Crafting Recipes

Keep in mind that you can’t simply create any of the recipes that we’ve listed below in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Instead, you need to progress through the story of the game, and unlock each individual recipe as you keep playing. So if you haven’t unlocked the recipe, you unfortunately can’t use the pieces you’ve gathered together.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Crafting Recipes

Consumables Recipes

Medicinal Herb1 Medicinal LeafRestores 30HP
Grilled Greens1 VegetableRestores 10HP
Bread1 GrainRestores 5HP
Seared Scallywinkle1 ScallywinkleRestores 10HP

Crafting Station Recipes

Wooden Workbench3 Wood, 1 CordUsed to build simple items
Wooden Workbench5 Wood, 2 CordUsed to build various items
Wooden Workbench5 Wood, 2 Cord, 2 Grass FibreUsed to build various items

Building Block Recipes

Softwood Block3 WoodWooden wall for a humble home
Straw Floor3 Dry Grass, 1 CordCreates a cushioned floor covering
Floorboard3 WoodA functional wooden floor
Padded Floor5 Grass FibreSoft square of floor fabric
Wooden Fencing3 WoodCreates a fence when placed adjacently
Wooden Grating3 WoodA wooden window that water can flow under
Wooden Steps3 WoodUsed to ascend to higher levels
Ladder3 WoodCan be climbed when placed on walls

Fixtures Recipes

Simple Door2 WoodPlace two side by side to make a two way door
Sluice Gate3 WoodOpened and closed to control water flow
Rustic Door10 WoodA simple door that can be opened and closed
Drapery Door2 Grass Fibre, 1 WoodDrapes to deck an entrance
Wooden Gate2 Wood, 2 CordA simple gate that can be opened and closed

Farming Equipment Recipes

Sluice Gate3 WoodUsed to control water flow
Wooden Gate2 Wood, 2 CordA simple gate that can be opened and closed
Wooden Fencing3 WoodCreates a fence when placed adjacently
Scarecrow1 Wood, 1 Cord, 5 Dry GrassTransforms surrounding soil into tilled earth
Haystack3 WheatA simple haystack for farming

Lighting Recipes

Torch3 Wood, 1 OilA simple burning branch
Ceramic Sconce1 Spoiled Soil, 1 Wood, 1 OilA wall-mounted torch
Bonfire3 Wood, 3 OilCan be used to cook food

Furniture Recipes

Straw Bedding3 Dry GrassBasic bedding for sleeping
Simple Table3 WoodA single tile wooden table
Simple Table5 WoodA larger, four tile table
Simple Stool2 WoodA simple stool for sitting
Pot1 Spoiled Soil, 1 OilAn urn made from mud
Washtub2 Wood, 1 CordA tub used to scoop up water
Simple Supper Set2 WoodUsed to store and eat food
Community Chest3 WoodA chest used to store items

Decorative Item Recipes

Salad Plate1 Cabbage, 1 Tomato, 1 Simple Supper SetCan be used to store and eat food
Bread Basket2 Bread, 1 WoodCan be used to store and eat food
Noticeboard5 WoodLets you give likes and review rankings
Rope3 CordUsed for tying things together
Firewood3 WoodDry lumber lumped together
Sack of Wheat2 Wheat, 2 Cord, 1 Dry GrassA simple sack stuffed with wheat
Farming Tools2 Stone, 1 WoodDecorate a room with a farmer’s tools

Wall Hanging Recipes

Towel Rail2 Grass Fibre, 1 WoodA wall-mounted rail with a towel attached
Cloth Sacks2 Grass Fibre, 1 CordA pair of sacks hanging from a rope

Equipment Recipes

Giant Mallet3 WoodAttack +4
Cypress Stick1 WoodAttack +8
Stone Sword3 StoneAttack +18
Barbed Blade2 Bramble, 1 WoodAttack +28
Oaken Club2 WoodAttack +12 (Malroth only)
Stone Axe3 Stone, 1 Wood, 1 CordAttack +24 (Malroth only)
Spiked Club2 Big Bramble, 2 WoodAttack +42 (Malroth only)

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