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Fallout 76 – Getting Form DMV-AT-21C Walkthrough

Getting Form DMV-AT-21C

Travel to the Charleston Capital building, located on the edge of the Forest and Ash Heap regions of Appalachia.

Once there, head east towards the Charleston Capitol DMV. Interact with the door to trigger a load screen. Inside the lobby, against the west wall is the DMV Application Terminal. To start your application process, you will need the Government ID application form (DMV-AT-21C). This will ask for the Soldier Certificate you earned for completing the Back to Basic quest.

Answer the following questions (the answers don’t matter) and you will then be rewarded with Form DMV-AT-21C. Take your form to DMV bot B2 in window 3. Whoops sorry! You have to wait B2 will instruct you to take a number from the printer to your right. Interact with the printer and wait for your number to be called over the speaker. To start the waiting process, activate the terminal in the center of the room and boot up department B.

As you wait for your number, Feral Ghouls will begin to poor into the waiting room. Time to cut down the wait!

Defend yourself until it is your turn to once again interact with Bot B2. Since it is now your turn, He will be glad to accept your completed form.


B2 forgot he can’t accept this form and directs you to Bot C1 instead.

Next up isĀ Turning in Form DMV-AT-21C.

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