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Fallout 76 – Head to the Armory Quest Walkthrough

Head to the Armory

The first stop on your Master Holotape grand tour is the armory in Harper’s Ferry, where you will load the tape into Raleigh’s Terminal. You may already have Harper’s Ferry unlocked from an earlier mission, but if not it is located south of Abbie’s Bunker near the split in the river.

The armory itself is located south of Harper’s Ferry, so either head through the town and deal with the Scorched in the town, or go around and head to the armory directly. When you arrive use the Armory Access Control Terminal on the outside, and load the Master Holotape to override security and get inside.

Once inside you will be in a plaza surrounded by three buildings. You can access the one on the right side and hack the terminal in the front room to advance through the locked door. There are terminals placed in various places around the armory, so take them out whenever they get in your way.

In the second building you will see some flamethrowers rigged up to a few tripwires. Sneak up to the tripwires and disarm them, or simply jump in the gap behind the flamethrowers and drop through the gap to the room below. Advance into the third building where you will run into more turrets, Make your way past and up to the second floor where you will encounter the final hackable terminal, which lets you into the room with Raleigh’s Terminal. Load the Master Holotape again, then Initiate Program File Scan, listen to Abbie, then head to the next objective.

Next up is Hack Senator Blackwell’s Terminal.

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