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Football Manager 2019 – Player Personality Guide

A guide to player personalities.


I’ve been wanting somebody to produce this guide for a while and so eventually gave in and made it myself!

A players personality affects almost every area of the game, from his match performance, to training, whether he’ll ask for a bigger contract, or go out drinking before a match. This guide is intended toi help you figure out a players hidden stats so you can decide whether to sign them, keep them or let them go. To get the most information, you should look at both personality and media handling style and compare the information below.

You can also gain clues about a players personality from other area in the game, such as their coach/scout report, their social group, and body language both during matches and team talks.

If you make notes on a players personality throughout their career you maybe able to develop and even deeper understanding of their underlying traits. For example, a player with Ambition 18 and Loyalty 5 could be described as Fickle. However if through mentoring you increased his determination up to 17 or more, he would become Driven. This would mean you then lose the information you have about his Loyalty from the Fickle descriptor. However with a note, you know it is still likely to be fairly low.

Leader, Temperamental, Professional, and Determined (in that order) Will generally beat any other personality types, so have the potential toi hide other character traits a player may have.

I hope people find this guide helpful. Any questions you have, errors you’ve spotted, or extra information you think would be useful to add, please let me know!

Player Personalities

Ambition 16-19, Loyalty 7-9
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leadership <19

Balanced is pretty much anything that doesn’t fall under another label. Also covers all negative personalities for real life players.

Born Leader
Leadership 20, Determination 20
This trumps the perfectionist trait, but not model citizen or temperamental.

Determination 1-9, Professionalism 2-4
Leadership<19, Temperament >4

Charismatic Leader
Leadership 19-20, Temperament18-20, Sportsmanship 18-20

Determination 18-20,
Ambition <12, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Ambition 6-7, Loyalty 20. *Must also be at a favourite club.
Determination 6-17, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Determination 18-20, Ambition 12-20

Easily Discouraged
Determination 1, Ambition 1-9

Fairly Ambitious
Ambition 15-20, Loyalty 10-20
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Fairly Determined
Determination 15-17
Professionalism <15, Leader <19

Fairly Loyal
Loyalty 15-20, Ambition 8-14
Determination 6-15, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Fairly Professional
Professionalism 15-17, Temperament 11-20
or Professionalism 18-20, Temperamemt 1-10

Fairly Sporting
Sportsmanship 15-20, Determination 10-14, Ambition 1-14
Professionalism <15

Loyalty 4-6, Ambition 16-20
Determination <17, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Sportsmanship 20, Determination 1-9
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Iron Willed
Pressure 20, Determination 15-17
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Pressure 15-20, Determination 1-17
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Leadership 19-20

Light Hearted
Pressure 15-20, Sportsmanship 15-20
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Low Determination
Determination 1-5
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Low Self Belief
Professionalism 2-3, Determination 1-9
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Loyalty 18-19, Ambition 6-7
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Loyalty 1-3, Ambition 16-20
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Model Citizen
Determination 14-20, Professionalism 15-20, Ambition 12-20, Loyalty 15-20, Pressure 14-20, Sportsmanship 15-20, Temperament 15-20

Model Professional
Professionalism 20, Temperament 10-20

Determination 14-20, Professionalism 14-20, Ambition 14-20

Professionalism 18-19, Temperament 10-20
Leader <19

Sportsmanship 2-5, Determination 11-17
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Pressure 17-19, Determination 15-17
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Determination 15-17, Proffessionalism 15-17
Leader <19

Professionalism 1, Determination 1-9
Temperament >4, Leader <19

Pressure 1, Determination 1-9
Leader <19

Pressure 15-20, Professionalism 11-17
Determination <18, Leader <19

Sportsmanship 18-19, Determination 1-9
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Temperament 1-4, Professionalism 1-10
This personality trumps pretty much every single other one, so if they are not temperamental, they don’t have these attributes.

Ambition 1-5, Loyalty 11-20
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Sportsmanship 1, Determination 11-17
Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Very Ambitious
Ambition 20, Loyalty 7-9
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Very Loyal
Loyalty 20, Ambition 6-7
Determination <18, Professionalism <18, Leader <19

Media Handling Style

Media Handling style is slightly different from personality as players can have more than one description if they fit into more than one type. For example a player could be described as ‘Outspoken, Short-Tempered and Confrontational’. This can therefore give us a massive amount of information about a players hidden stats!

Controversy 15-20

Professionalism 15-20, Pressure 15-20

Temperament 3-6

Plays Mind Games
I couldn’t find any players with this trait, or isolate it by trying different combinations in the editor. If anyone knows anything post a comment!

Temperament 15-20, Pressure 15-20

Media Friendly
This is similar to balanced and covers options which aren’t covered by anything else.

Level Headed
Professionalism 13-20, Loyalty 12-20

Controversy 1-5, Professionalism 15-20

Temperament 1-2

Temperament 1-7, Sportsmanship 1-7

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