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Manor Lords: Raw Resource Management

With multiple types of raw resources present on the map, there are several ways of managing them to create a sustainable economy. Note that resources come in two forms – regular deposits, and “rich” deposits, that affect the available quantity there is to harvest.

Manor Lords: Raw Resource Management

Limited Work Area – Several raw resource buildings function on a Limited Work Area basis, preventing over-extraction of resources such as wood. The Forester uses the same limited work area mechanic but plants trees instead.

Regenerative Resources – Resources such as berries and wild animals are regenerative, meaning they will not fully deplete. Berries are available to harvest starting in the spring and go dormant during winter. You can limit the harvesting of wild animals in the hunting camp to prevent over-hunting.

Mining – ground-based resources such as clay and iron do not regenerate, cannot be limited in terms of work area, and you cannot cap the amount you mine like you can with deer. If a deposit is a “rich” depost, however, you can build a deep mine which will provide infinite resources. Deep Mining technology is unlocked via the development branch.

Fields – These are where you grow your crops, and they operate on a seasonal cycle. The yield is determined by the fertility rating of the ground the field was built on. The more the fields are used, the less fertile the land becomes, which can be offset by enabling crop rotation and making at least one of the years fallow, thereby regenerating fertility.

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