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Garfield Kart – Customization and Power-Ups

Customization and Power-Ups


In this game, there is a lot of character customization available. At the start you will not have a lot of characters, hats, boosts or vehicles unlocked, but you will unlock these as you play the game. Each of these forms of customization have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is best if you try out most of them and see what you prefer. All forms of customization can be purchased using the in-game currency, but most of them will be unlocked through playing the game. There are far too many options of customization to describe here, so if you want to see them for yourself you will have to look at them in-game or online.

Characters include most of your favourite Garfield characters, such as Garfield, Odie, Jon, etc.

Hats can be applied to your characters. These will not only look good, but also give you certain abilities.

Boosts can be equipped and used at the start of a race. These boosts will be consumed when you use one, so use them wisely!

Vehicles, like characters and hats, are a form of customization to make you look more stylish, and provide you with certain abilities.


Garfield Kart has a wide variety of power-ups, which all have different abilities. These power-ups are gained from the item boxes spread around the map, and are picked up by driving through them. Some power-ups will help you, and some will attack your opponents.

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Examples of power-ups that help you include but are not limited to: lasagne, perfume, spring*, etc.

Examples of power-ups that will attack your opponents include but are not limited to: U.F.O., spring*, pie, etc.

*The spring power-up can be used to jump higher, but can also be left behind as an obstacle for your opponents.

Defensive Power-ups

  • Lasagne: This power-up comes in different quantities, mostly just singular. When used, this power-up will give you a temporary speed boost. If you get multiple, using it will only consume one.
  • Perfume: This power-up also gives you a temporary speed boost, but also provides invincibility. The amount of speed gained is less than from the lasagne, but lasts much longer. While this is active, you’re immune to all incoming attacks and cannot be slowed down.
  • Spring: This power-up can be used in two ways. This will describe the defensive use. The spring will make you jump much higher than usual, and can be used to evade incoming attacks or jump over large gaps.

Offensive Power-ups

  • U.F.O.: This power-up will send out three U.F.O.’s, which will get ahead of the opponent who is in first (if you are in first, this power-up is impossible to obtain). These three U.F.O.’s will hover over the road, all giving out a beam of light. One of three U.F.O.’s is safe to drive through, the others aren’t. If you drive through a wrong one, it will pick you up and hold you in the air for some time. Be careful, though! Your own U.F.O.’s can still grab you.
  • Spring: As described in the other spring section, it has two uses. This will describe the offensive use. When used offensively, the spring will be dropped on the floor behind you, creating an obstacle for opponents. Once an opponent drives into it, they will be stunned momentarily.
  • Pie: The pie can also be used two ways. The first way is to throw it in front of you, stunning anyone it makes contact with. The second way is to throw it behind you, in the exact same way as you’d do to the spring. Anyone who drives into this will be stunned momentarily.
  • Pie (Homing): This pie has the exact same secondary ability as the normal pie, but differs in the first ability. The first ability of this pie is to be thrown in front of you, but it will home onto anyone in front of you. This pie always targets the person closest to you.
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