Garfield Kart – Multiplayer Guide

Garfield Kart

Multiplayer Online Play Ever since July 2018, Garfield Kart received a multiplayer beta mode. This beta mode can be activated through; SteamĀ > Library > RMB on Garfield Kart > Properties > Betas > Select the multiplayer beta Once activated, Steam will reinstall the game, this time with the multiplayer mode enabled. This mode adds the … Read more

Garfield Kart – The Ice-Cream Cup

Garfield Kart

The Ice-Cream Cup As a reward for beating all other cups on 150CC with a gold trophy, the Ice-Cream Cup will be unlocked. This cup includes four new maps, so it is recommended to start out on 50CC. Having no knowledge of the maps’ layouts, you must study them, similar to how you started out … Read more

Garfield Kart – Different CC

Garfield Kart

Different CC 50CC To fully beat Garfield Kart, it would be suggested to start off with bot practice. Start out by playing on 50CC against bots in the Lasagne Cup. After you’ve done this three to four times, it’s time for a different cup. You’re now ready to move up to the Pizza Cup, also … Read more

Garfield Kart – Achievements Guide

Garfield Kart - Achievements Guide

If Garfield Kart had achievements. Achievements Guide Basic Achievements Fast Learner Complete Driving School Maybe Next Time Get in last place for the first time 0% Caffiene Complete all cups in 50cc 50% Caffiene Complete all cups in 100cc 100% Caffiene Complete all cups in 150cc Time Master Beat all Platinum Records Scavenger Collect all … Read more

Garfield Kart – Customization and Power-Ups

Garfield Kart

Customization and Power-Ups Customization In this game, there is a lot of character customization available. At the start you will not have a lot of characters, hats, boosts or vehicles unlocked, but you will unlock these as you play the game. Each of these forms of customization have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is … Read more