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Garfield Kart – The Ice-Cream Cup

The Ice-Cream Cup

As a reward for beating all other cups on 150CC with a gold trophy, the Ice-Cream Cup will be unlocked. This cup includes four new maps, so it is recommended to start out on 50CC. Having no knowledge of the maps’ layouts, you must study them, similar to how you started out with the game. For these maps, the same rules as the initial cups on 50CC can be followed (IE playing through the cup three to four times, learning the layouts and any potential shortcuts). Once you feel confident enough about the layouts, it is time for a higher CC. If you’re very comfortable with the maps, you could even skip 100CC all together! Only do this if you’re certain you can beat the difficult enemies on the new maps. If not, play 100CC until you’re confident enough to play 150CC.

As with the other 150CC cups, try to get first or second on all maps. This will certainly help you with races on these maps later on.

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