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Green Hell PC Keyboard Controls

Here are all of the current controls for Green Hell.

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Green Hell Controls

  • Escape: Pause the game
  • 1,2,3 and 4: Weapon slots
  • W,A,S and D: Movement of your character
  • Q: Drop & Close
  • TAB: Open the Backpack
  • E: Action key
  • R: Block/Parry
  • T: Open Walkie-Talkie (hold)
  • F: Smart watch (hold)
  • G: Throw stone
  • SHIFT: Run
  • Left CTRL: Crouch
  • Space: Jump
  • C: Wheel Menu
  • N: Notebook
  • Left mouse button: Attack
  • Right mouse button: Expand menu
  • Scroll wheel up and down: Switch through smart watch menus
  • Scroll wheel button: Throw item

Green Hell Controls

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