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Helltaker Judgement Character Guide

Judgement is the final demon encountered in Helltaker, also serving as the final boss fight for the game. She is identified as the High Prosecutor of Hell

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Helltaker Judgement Character Guide

Justice, The High Prosecutor

  • Aliases – The High Prosecutor
  • Species – Demon
  • Gender – Female
  • Eye color – White


Judgement differs drastically compared to the other demons, lacking the typical gloves, red button-up shirt, and pants. Rather, she wears a suit jacket that’s ripped to expose her stomach, and a bra that doesn’t connect at the front, exposing her breasts to a degree. She wears a thick belt with a pentagram medallion on a chain attached to it, with only underwear rather than pants. She also has a arm band with the number 20 in roman (XX). The art book shows more detail to her character, revealing that she wears thigh high socks covered by metal armor on her calves and belts around her thighs, she also wears heels, similar to Lucifer.


Judgement typically yells everything she says, showing a vivacity to her not seen in the other demons. She acts on her volition, ignoring pleas from other demons to spare the Helltaker, and evening ignoring Lucifer when told to stand down, showing a dedication to her role as High Prosecutor. Despite all of this, at the end of her boss fight, she admits to not wanting to punish the Helltaker, and seems to enjoy the compliments she receives from him, finally succumbing to him and joining his harem, showing a lighter side to her personality. This is further cemented in the art book where Vanripper states that she is the kindest of the demons, and her sadistic personality is simply a front for her role as High Prosecutor.


Unlike the other demons, the player does not have to complete a puzzle to reach Judgement, but rather a fast-paced, Undertale-reminscent combat segment. Immediately after adding Lucifer to the harem, the player hears an unknown voice, upon where they reach a Bad Ending screen, where it can be assumed that Judgement killed the Helltaker. After this, it can also be assumed that he was revived by Judgement to continue the ritual.

Unusually, when met with a dialogue option, it doesn’t matter what the player chooses, as all of them are correct. This could be a development choice so the player doesn’t have to restart the combat segment due to an incorrect dialogue option.


  • The role of High Prosecutor is passed down, which is evident by Justice being the former High Prosecutor.
  • Shown in the art book as well in her sprite, Judgement has armor on her forearms and calves, with built-in batons on her gauntlets. This could suggest Judgement serves a combat role in Hell, or it could be apart of her “shock-and-awe” tactic.
  • Judgement has roman 20 (XX) on the arm band, which is a reference to 20th tarot card, Judgement.

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