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Hitman 2 – Holiday Hoarders Guide / Item Locations and Challenges

All locations of the items that the burglars steal, as well as how to do all challenges in Holiday Hoarders.


The easiest way to do it is Subduing both of them and hiding their bodies somewhere before they start, take the 12 items, then get a guard to wake them both.

Starting as Stage Crew gives you the possibility to quickly reach for the first burglar (He spawns on the first floor), then run to the underground floor for the second before he can start stealing the items, the Stage Crew outfit also gives you clearance to run around these areas.

After that, getting a Bodyguard outfit is prefered, considering some items are weapons and it allows access everywhere else you need.

Items taken by Harry

1. Firework Remote (Stage Crew area on the table, 1st floor)
2. Circumcision Knife (Room with the lone Auction Staff, in a map box near the window, 1st floor)
3. Sabre (Attic nearby the security zone, 2nd floor)
4. Microphone (Attic in an intersection with 2 guards at the window, 2nd floor)
5. Cowboy Bust (Attic inside the “Attic” spawn location on a table, 2nd floor)
6. Bust (Attic nearby security zone on the table with the monitors, 2nd floor)

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Items taken by Marv

1. Coconut (Canteen, underground)
2. Apricot (Kitchen near the fireplace, underground)
3. Canon Ball (Museum near the stylist area on a table with a boat, ground floor)
4. Toy Tank (In the room with the blogger that needs the camera lens next to the 2 stylists talking, ground floor)
5. Battle Axe (On the big table at the party, ground floor)
6. Shuriken (In the hallway near the tech crew guy talking to the model, on a cloth rack, ground floor)


Once you collect the 12th item, you’ll get the “Santa’s Little Helper” challenge. After that, go back to the 2 burglars and get them to be woken up.

In order to get the “Ho Ho Ho” challenge, you should prepare the Santa outfit before waking them up, so you are ready once they go downstairs. You should also prepare the propane tank (in order to get the accident kills easily). There are two propane tanks in the room on the left of the burglar’s final room.

If the burglars do not come back to the final room at the same time, simply subdue the first and wait for the second, then subdue him as well. If you timed it well, you do not necessarily need to subdue them. Once both of them are back in the room, simply place the propane inbetween them and shoot it while wearing the Santa 47 disguise, that should take care of the “Ho Ho Ho” and “Oh Deer” challenges.

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The 4th and last challenge, “Bad 47”, is easily doable by opening the gifts around the map (like the 4 ones on the red carpet) to get Bricks. Once you got 3 bricks, simply stun Marv with one, let a guard wake him up and repeat.

Doing all this will unlock the Santa 47 disguise to wear in Hitman 2 levels.

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