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Kenshi: Advanced Training Guide

Tired of your squad getting whooped by bandits and rival factions? Training dummies just not enough to give them the edge? Then I have the perfect guide for you, my friend. With my advanced training guide, you’ll be on your way to steadfast domination. No one with a brain would ever want to mess with you again!

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Getting Started

Where does my magical trainer come from you ask? It’s simple.

Kidnap a bandit.

Yes, indeed, a bandit. You’re going to need a live victim to train on. You can pick up a knocked out bandit after a raid, or via other means. It’s not too hard to find a victim. From henceforth, this victim shall be known as your Training Slave. However, you can not just pick them up and dink around with them from the get-go. You’re going to need to construct a special place to house them. Personally, I use outpost buildings. Which building you use is up to you.

Once you have this building built, you’re going to need to fill it with beds and prison cells. Beds to let your Training Slaves to rest in, and cells to throw them in when you’re done training. The beds are essential to keeping your Training Slaves healthy enough to be a challenge for your squaddies. Let them get too weak, and training becomes pointless.

Here’s part of my own personal setup:

It is imperative that you keep your door locked. If you don’t want your Training Slaves to run away, you best keep that door locked.

Now that you’ve constructed your housing and accomodations, it’s time to move onto the actual process.

Training (Detailed)

Unless you’re really low skilled, basic equipment for your Training Slaves just won’t do. You need to forge them some decent gear, after all, they’re going to need to challenge your squad. Without that challenge, they’re useless. Personally, I forged special gear just for my Training Slave, all of it top quality, to give him the ability to challenge my squad.

The stronger the gear, the harder your Training Slave will be to beat. The harder the Training Slave is to beat, the more you’ll get out of each training session. However, don’t get too overzealous, as a well equiped Training Slave could easily kill one of your weaker squaddies. We don’t want that.

Now, here’s how the process works.

Once you’ve got your doors locked and whomever you plan to train inside, release the Training Slave from their prison cell. Combat will ensue, and hopefully, your squaddie will previal. Eventually, the Training Slave will be unconsious. Once this is so, make sure you heal them. If you don’t, they will die. We don’t want that, either. Once they are healed, throw them in a bed. This will ensure that their wounds heal quicker, keeping them in shape for the next training bout. While they sleep, take the time to heal your squaddie. They’ll need it. Once the Training Slace wakes up, combat will begin yet again, and the process repeats. When you feel you’ve trained enough, put the Training Slave back into their cell, and leave.

Training (Simple)

1. Lock doors
2. Release Training Slave
3. Fight, and win
4. Heal knocked out Training Slave
5. Put Training Slave in bed
6. Heal yourself

Repeat starting at step 2.


Your Training Slave is training too! As your training progresses, so does theirs. Keep this in mind when sending weaker squaddies to train, as they can easily get overwhelmed. To counteract this, you may wish to send in several squaddies at once.

Always keep a strong warrior nearby! If your Training Slave defeats all your squaddies, you’ll need to send this warrior in to beat the Training Slave and rescue your trainees. If you don’t, they’ll likely bleed out. Remember, this is legitimate combat. Bad things can happen, and you need to be ready to react. You may also wish to keep a medic nearby aswell, to heal any severe wounds incurred.


You must ALWAYS keep your eye on the game while training. Anything can go wrong if you look away. From Training Slave dying, to squaddies dying, you name it, it can happen if you’re not paying attention. So pay attention.

Also, the stronger the house you choose to place to keep the Training Slave, the stronger the door will be to keep them at bay in case your squaddies are put out of action.


This process is highly effective. Your squad will be at top fighting shape in no time, and you’ll be ready to raid whomever you choose without hesitation. As long as you’re mindful of the risks, there’s no way to fail. Common sense and abiding by my method will lead to a strong squad, and an unbeatable raiding force.

No one’s going to be able to stop you. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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Written by zulius price

2 thoughts on “Kenshi: Advanced Training Guide”

  1. for attack and dex/str get some captured skeletons/bandits and get rid of at least one of their legs ( peeling machine ) and put them on a skeleton bed, then attack them, you’ll want them to have best armor possible

    for defense go be beaten up ( block ) by the giant gorillo at mourn ( iirc ) he has 109 or something like that attack and you’ll go up to 70 defense in a few received beatings

  2. Tried it few times — didn’t work. They keep running through a locked door like it is not even there. Is it a bug?


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