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Kindergarten 2: Creature Feature Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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Creature Feature Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 Creature Feature Walkthrough

Make sure to bring the Monstermon toy, Remote Control and Laser Bomb for this mission. 

Before School

  • Start off by talking to Monty and buying a battery off of him.
  • Head over to Penny and use the remote on her. Place the battery in the remote.
  • She’ll shoot Nugget out of his crawl space.
  • Head into the crawl space and squeak the toy near the box.
  • Talk to Billy and Lily. Give Billy the remote to Penny.
  • Leave the crawl space.
  • Talk to the principal to get the lunch pass to be with her.
  • Bell will ring.

Morning Time

  • Billy will be hanging down from the ceiling, go talk to spiderman.
  • He’ll need you to recruit friends.
  • Talk to Buggs and use the remote to summon Penny. Press the Green button to summon her.
  • She’ll come over like ‘wtf’ and press the blue button.
  • Give Buggs his knife back.
  • Proceed to talk to Cindy. Tell her you need help to kill the teacher.
  • Continue dialog with her, she’ll want you to stick gum in someones hair.
  • Press the green button and put the gum in Pennys hair.
  • Press the Yellow button as she tries to send you to the principals office.
  • Dum dum. Lunch time.
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Lunch Time

  • Billy will call you over to talk to him.
  • She’s gonna give you the listening device.
  • Give Carla the spare bomb in trade for the listening device.
  • Go talk to Nugget, give him the Jackhammer to dig his Nugget cave.
  • Time to go into the nugget tunnel. Tunnel, not a cave.
  • This leads into the teacher’s lounge.
  • Place the listening device under the desk while Mr. Forehead is busy.
  • He’ll kick you out after Nugget gets his nuggets.
  • Tell Billy you placed the bomb.
  • Use the lunch pass to see the principal.
  • She’ll leave the room and you’ll take your move. Lily will come get you, Go to the woman’s bathroom.
  • Grab the knife and stab Ms. Applegate.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Nugget to get into the Nugget cave.
  • Lily and Billy are both waiting for you. It’s time to bring out your ultimate weapon.
  • Leave the nugget cave, go see Penny’s who’s guarding the school doors.
  • Use the remote on her and she’ll cave in to the nugget cave. *Ba dum tss*
  • Head to the dumpster behind the school, and you’ll see Carla trying to get inside.
  • Tell her no one’s in the school, and that Penny’s gone. She’ll go blow up a hole in the teacher’s lounge.
  • Make your way in the janitor’s closet.
  • Go snap Bob out of his trance. He’ll grab the axe to go protect the kids from the monster.
  • Go back outside into the Nugget Cave and talk to friendos.
  • Realize you could’ve grabbed the doll from Ms. Applegate’s classroom before jumping down but you didn’t. So go do that.
  • Return back outside to the Nugget cave and give the doll to Penny.
  • This will end your turns.
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Secret Lab

  • Principal’s being a royal meanie and will transform the trapped kids.
  • Head behind you to the coloured switches. Use the green one and press the button.
  • Grab Penny’s head and press the red button.
  • Use the blue switch to move the claw left, and then press the button.
  • Use the red switch and press the button to grab the principal.
  • Continue with the dialog, this will refresh your turns.
    Round 2. Fight. 
  • Use the green lever to move it left, and then press the button.
  • Move over to the red lever, move it left twice, then press the button.
  • Everyone will leave happily with Bob guarding the door. He was successful. #BobforSmash

Everyone will begin to leave, Ozzy will have Madison back and you’ll say goodbye to new friends. Billy and Lily will give you a monstermon card, and A Guide for all Cards and Outfits.

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