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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to get the horse Nuckelavee from Hans Capon DLC

For those who have ever wondered how to unlock the cute horse Nuckelavee, here is the solution. Contains spoiler and you will automatically do one achievement.

How to get to the camp of Sir Erhart

  • Talk to Capon and start the quests “Game of Throws” and “Honeyed Words”
    (= help him to get the necklace back)
  • Travel to Ledetchko and look for a NPC called “Ledetchko Player” (he usually hangs around at the tavern)
  • He doesn’t have the necklace anymore – so head over to Sasau and follow his information to get to the small camp near the river, northwest from the monastery.
  • There you will meet Sir Anselm. Go through all dialogue options and make sure you remember the content of the parley. It is helpful to write the right answers down, because you have to pick the false ones later!
  • Now put some noble/charismatic clothes on and examine the burned campfire side. You will find a map with directions to the camp of Sir Erhardt.
  • Head to the camp and get inside. (The right Answers to get in the camp are “Alphonse”, “From Slany” or “From Prague”) Save if possible.

How to get Nuckelavee (if you are in the camp)

Now that you are in the camp, you have to do all the following steps correctly. You will also get the achievement “Sir Hans Ghost” if you want to get Nuckelavee, because you have to steal the necklace.

1. Steal the necklace

  • Wait until it is night. Do not talk to Old Blaha, just enter the camp & wait immediately.
  • Leave the camp and turn left. Find your way through some bushes and look for a cave in the ground. Enter the cave.
  • Go through the cave/tunnel and exit it on the other end. Now be sure to sneak.
  • Turn right and look for a wooden door. It should be open. Behind the door you will find a chest with a very heavy lock. Lockpick it, take the necklace and other stuff you need and go back through the cave. You should get the achievement “Sir Hans Ghost” immediately.
  • Wait again until it is morning.
  • Talk to Old Blaha.
  • Play two matches of the dice minigame (doesn’t matter if you win or lose) and wait a few seconds. A random NPC will tell you, that you can visit Sir Erhart now.

2. Talk to Sir Erhart

  • Go to Sir Erhart.
  • Talk to him and pick every time the false answer! For example: 1) Prague, 2) Soldiers, 3) The road to Vlashim, 4) 3000 Groschen, 5) 6000 Groschen, 6) In Prague
  • Sir Erhart will not believe you. Talk to him again and pick a second time all wrong answers.
  • This will raise suspicion on you and Sir Erhart opposes you. Now it is important, that you be honest! So pick the answer that says, that your real name is Henry.
  • Then tell him about the necklace and reveal that Sir Anselm send you.
  • Stay honest and tell Erhart, where the camp of Anselm is. (He will die)
  • As a reward for having delivered Erharts archenemy, he actually wants to give you the necklace, but since you’ve stolen it before, he offers you his horse. Take the horse and leave the camp, as the bandits soon become hostile.

Horse stats

As a creature of Celtic mythology, the Nuckelavee is the most feared of all Scottish elves. He lives mainly in the sea, but is responsible for destroyed crops, epidemics and drought. His breath makes the crops wither and the cattle get sick.

He resembles a centaur, has a huge, gaping mouth and a single huge eye, which burns with a red flame. The most appalling detail of his appearance is the fact that he has no skin. Black blood flows through his yellow veins and the pale tendons and powerful muscles are visible as a pulsating mass. He has an aversion to running water and those who are being chased by him just have to cross a stream to get rid of him. Some reports claim that he is just a big head on two small arms, but with all the above qualities.

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