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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Arendelle Boss Fight Snow Monster Walkthrough

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Arendelle Boss Fight Snow Monster Walkthrough

This will lead to some cutscenes and then a boss fight against the huge snow monster. This lumbering beast has a whopping 12 health bars. However, as long as you’ve been keeping up level-wise, you should be able to deal half a health bar of damage with each complete combo you do.

What you mainly want to watch out for are the monster’s devastating melee attacks and slam down. It will leap into the air and then slam down in a place. Jumping won’t help avoid damage; you must dodge out of the landing area.

At around the halfway point of this fight, the snow monster will shed some crystals and have an entire health bar of armor. You can reduce this armor with normal attacks but your best bet is to approach the sideways tree in the snow.

Goofy will pull on it and Sora will get behind him while the snow monster approaches. You need to attack with the tree before it completely reaches the tree or else the monster will attack you and waste your opportunity, such as in our case.

Sometimes the tree can be a little finnicky and not always activate when it should. If that’s the case, focus on using normal attacks. If your health gets low, be sure to heal or use rage form to heal up and deal some damage to the snow monster. Other than the armor, simply repeat attacking while dodging its melee attacks and slams and you’ll defeat it.

After the fight, you will be in an area with only one path. Follow the path until you slide down and off the edge to the clearing below. There will be some enemies there so you can certainly dive attack them to deal some good starting damage.

When you are finished, dive off the edge to your right to the area below. Then you are going to want to go forward and dive once more. There is an ice boulder down here that you can dive attack for a chest as well. There is a snowball nearby that you can also ride.

Ride it down the linear path to some Nobodies and Heartless. Take them out and continue down the path. This will take you to a clearing and a cutscene. Now, you will need to continue south along this clearing to more Heartless that you’ll need to defeat.

Take them out and continue down the path to another cutscene. You now have a new friend on your side and it’s time to go to the path that you can see that goes to the left on your minimap. It curves around and leads to a save point and Moogle Shop.

Along the way, you’ll fight some bull Heartless. Save if you need to and head to the next area. Here, there will be a snowstorm happening. The snowstorm will blow you back while it’s going so you want to move in the few seconds that it pauses.

Your best bet is to head to the rock cover that is scattered around this area. Don’t gamble and try to move too far ahead as it is likely the snowstorm will start again and blow you back to near the beginning. What you need to do is take your time and go to one rock at a time during pauses.

Keep this up, heading south on your minimap until you reach a more narrow path that will take you to a cutscene and the final boss fight in Arendelle.

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