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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Arendelle The Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough

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Arendelle The Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough

You start out in a small room with two exits. The one on the left leads nowhere so head north. This will take you to a room with some little pot-looking Heartless and bats. These are pretty easy enemies. There are ice pillars nearby you can spin around and take them out quicker if you’d like.

Continue onward and you’ll come to some stairs. There will be some vines on your left. You can attack those vines to enter the room and find some Heartless and a Lucky Emblem if you want. Otherwise, take the stairs up. There will be a room on your right and stairs on your left.

Go into the room and take out the Heartless there then destroy the vines to jump down and find a chest with the map for The Labyrinth of Ice. Jump down again and you’ll be in the first room with vines we passed up. Go back up the stairs but this time take the left and go up the next stairs.

There will be some tiny pot Heartless at the top. Take them out, turn right, and there will be some snowy stairs on your left. Go that way. This will take you to a large room where you fight a new type of Nobodies.

These Nobodies are fast like ninjas and have some quick spin attacks. Try to focus on one at a time if you’re doing melee or do magic attacks instead. At the same time, watch out for glowing circles under you. Ice pillars will pop up quickly and try to damage you.

Take out these Nobodies and a big ice pillar will appear. Jump and then press X/Square to air slide toward it. You will spin it around and unlock a new room. Go inside and you can slide down this ramp. However, there will be more enemies down the ramp so stop to take them out.

When you’re done, head into the next large room to find some more ninja Nobodies. Take them out while avoiding the ice pillars and two huge ice pillars will appear this time. Spin around the one on the right for a chest and spin around the left one to continue through the labyrinth.

When you go left, you will find a dead end. Look up and there will be little ice ledges you can shotlock airstep up to. Airstep up these ice ledges until you reach the top. There will be a bunch of little jar Heartless at the top. Don’t fall off like we did.

There will be some more ice ledges above you that you can airstep to. Do this and you’ll find yourself in the Middle Tier of the labyrinth. Go up the bridge into the next room and it’s time for yet another fight with the ninja Nobodies. Once done, spin around the huge ice pillar.

This will unlock a new path heading south on your minimap. Go through and a rail will be on your left. Jump onto it for another on-rails section. When you get to the end, head south on the minimap to a large circular room with, you guessed it, more ninja Nobodies.

Avoid the ice pillars and take them out. When you’re done, spin around the huge ice pillar in the middle to go up to the Upper Tier. There are three paths you can take. The northwest one leads to a room with a Lucky Emblem. The northeast leads to a room with a lot of Heartless.

Meanwhile, the south leads to a portal and two chests. Grab the two chests and head through the portal to leave the labyrinth. You will find yourself back on The North Mountain.

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