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Kingdom: New Lands – Teleporters Building

Teleporters Building

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Teleporters cannot be destroyed by Greed, and will not halt the spread of grass. They are built to provide you with a faster way to traverse across the island.

Tier 0: Portal Remnants
These will spawn where you destroy Portals, and are the base for where you can build your Teleporters.

Tier 1: Unlinked Teleporter Gate
This costs 5 Coins to construct. Once per (day?), you can use it for 1 Coin. It gives you (15?) seconds to look around and select a location on the island, and then teleport there using [S] or [Down Arrow].

Tier 2: Linked Teleporter Gates
This costs 5 Coins to construct. After teleporting with an Unlinked Teleporter Gate, if there is enough space, more portal remnants will be spawned where you teleported to. They will disappear after (10?) seconds, but if you spend the 5 Coins required to build it, the two Unlinked Teleporter Gates will become connected. You can then use either one to teleport to the other for the cost of 1 Coin, with a cooldown of 70 seconds.

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Catapults are the only mobile type of building in the game. After upgrading to a Tier 4 Kingdom, you will have the option to buy catapults to the left of the hammer shop for 6 Coins each. You can only buy a maximum of 2 catapults, one going left and one going right. The direction in which the Catapult goes depends on which side of the shop you were on when you bought it. Once a Catapult is bought and built, two Workers will man the Catapult, slowly pushing it to your outer Wall in their assigned direction. They will not push the catapult backwards, so if your outer wall is behind their starting point, they will ready the catapult where it was built. Even after they get to your outer wall, If you happen to build a Wall farther out, they will push the catapult to there. Once there, the two Workers will use the Catapult to launch rocks at the enemies every 8 seconds. The rocks will barrel through multiple enemies, instantly killing everything they touch, except for Breeders. Rocks that are catapulted will remain on the ground on the other side of the Wall, and can be picked up thrown back at you and your men by Breeders. If the Wall in front of the Catapult falls, the two Workers will attempt to retreat, and the Catapult will be left behind to be destroyed by the Greed. Once destroyed, another Catapult can be purchased for that side of the island at the shop.

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