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Kingdom Two Crowns – Grazing Guide

Grazing Guide

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The horse or another mount can start grazing on grass (eating it) to regain its lost stamina, as well as receiving further benefits.

Mounts graze only:

  • On green grass that covers open fields, with no forest above it.
  • If they’re hungry, like when it has been at least 10 seconds since the last time they grazed.
  • If they’re not moving. So they need to stop completely, so they can eat. This takes about 3 seconds.

A mount’s stamina is fully restored as soon as it is done grazing. In addition, the grazing temporarily largely increases stamina and running speed. The effect is represented by a white trail left behind by the mount’s feet as it runs. The effect lasts for 45 seconds for the original horse (replacing its normal sprint duration of 15 seconds), while other mounts are affected according to their own stamina. For example, the Great Bear receives about 12 seconds of stamina that helps with both running and recovering from attacks. The effect depletes over time regardless of running, walking, or standing still.

Grass Mechanics

  • Grass patches can be found around in open areas within the Kingdom, as well as in larger clearings in the forest. Small patches can always be found at the Town Center at any of its levels.
  • Grass cannot be introduced to an area unless it is outside the forest and next to an existing grass patch.
  • The grass patches can be extended by clearing forest areas around it by cutting trees and then waiting for the grass to slowly grow.
  • Buildings interrupt grass.
  • Building a wall or a farm, or upgrading the Town Center clears the grass around the construction spot, and the obstacle may sometimes stop grass from growing across it, causing large open areas with no grass at all.
  • The obstacles can be temporarily removed by ordering builders to upgrade them, because grass is able to spread from below scaffolding. The time it takes to construct a Tier 4 wall or a farmhouse is usually long enough for grass one side of the structure to grow until the other side and remain there after the finished building cuts it off from the main patch.
  • When a grass patch is wide enough, it sprouts tall grass, which allows rabbits to emerge. The grass must also be outside the outer walls for the bushes to spawn.
  • The grass dies in winter, usually after the first time the snow covers the ground. Thus, not being able to graze is one of the many hardships of winter.

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