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Kingdom Two Crowns – Squires


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Tool: Shield (4 Coins)
Job: Attack & Defend
Coin Capacity: (4?) Coins

When a peasant picks up a shield to become a squire, they will be assigned a side of the kingdom based on which side of the kingdom the shield was purchased on, and (3-5?) random archers will be assigned to become that squire’s squad. These archers will follow the squire wherever he goes, and will no longer hunt, so be careful about hiring squires when low on archers. During the day, squires and their squad will wait outside the outer wall in their assigned direction, awaiting orders to attack. At night, they will fall back behind the walls to defend against the greed. If a wall’s health reaches (20%?), any knights and squads defending that wall will attempt to retreat to the next wall inwards. When a squire is attacked by greed, it will parry the attack, with a chance to lose their shield in the process (unconfirmed), becoming a peasant. If the squire is carrying any coins, they will drop those one by one instead of losing their shield, therefore it is recommended for you to drop coins to your squires in order to buff them. If the banner outside the outer wall they protect is paid 4 coins, the squire on that side and their squad will be signaled to attack the nearest portal in that direction, and will head out to do so no matter the time of day or circumstances. If there is a boat in that direction, they will board the boat instead. Once they arrive at the portal, your squire will attempt to defend against the greed that the portal spawns, while your archers chip away at the health of the portal. If the portal is destroyed successfully, the squire and squad will immediately retreat back to your kingdom for the upcoming blood moon. If the squire loses their shield, their squad will revert back to regular archers immediately.

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