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Kingdom Two Crowns – The Griffon

The Griffon

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The Griffon

Island: 1
Spawnpoint: Spawns by crash landing in front of you
Unlock Cost: 2 Gems
Cost: 8 Coins

When riding this mount, a stamina boost can be acquired while standing above any terrain, even during winter. This mount can also blow back and stun enemies with a short burst at the cost of stamina by standing still and pressing [Left Shift]. This stamina cost is taken from base stamina, and does not interact with the stamina boost, which prevents the player from infinitely spamming the blowback move while boosted.

The Griffin devours a rat when grazing in any location. Since it grazes anywhere, the Griffin is a good mount for exploring and roaming.

It is always found in the 1st island, crashing the first time you approach its spot. It requires 2 gems to heal and 8 coins to mount it.

When its skill is activated by sprinting in both directions or pressing left Shift; It will stand up, spread and flap its pair of wings, pushing and paralyzing momentarily any Greedlings (and only any variant of Greedlings) within a short distance. The strength of the push and duration of the paralysis is stronger when invading a portal, compared to when it’s used in defense.

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