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La-Mulana 2 – App Combinations

Whether you’ve forgotten or just want a helpful app combo, here’s a list of all the app combos currently known.

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After activating the end Mulbruk will tell you what many of the software combos do. In case you have forgotten or simply wish to find a helpful combo, here are all the app combos I currently know of.

App Combinations

  • La-Mulana 2 + Mekuri Master – Half enviromental damage (lava, laser beams, etc.)
  • La-Mulana + Lonely House-moving – Stronger whip
  • Rose & Camellia + Mekuri Master – Stronger bladed weapons (non-whip)
  • Death Village + Lonely House-moving – More i-frames after taking damage
  • Lonely House-moving + Rose & Camellia – Prevents death once, restoring 32 health (resets on second death and game reset)
  • La-Mulana + La-Mulana 2 + Lonely House-moving – Makes a wind hitbox around Lumisa when she is damaged
  • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street – Fully detailed map
  • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street + La-Mulana 2 – Show hidden rooms on the map
  • Miracle Witch + Death Village – Shorter fairy respawn time?
  • Miracle Witch + Bounce Shot – Always get attack fairy
  • Miracle Witch + Space Capstar II – Always get item fairy
  • Miracle Witch + Mekuri Master – Always get key fairy
  • Miracle Witch + Future Development Company – Enable development room in Icefire Treetop D-4
  • Enga Musica + (software 10?) – Full music player (I don’t know what the name of software 10 is, but Prof_Nekko has confirmed this combo)


If you’ve played La-Mulana, you might notice that many of these are the same as the software combos there or very similar (like the dev room combo).

I may create a general app guide while I work on my any% route. I would like to get my hands on some decent images for the apps though.

Written by Miles Manners

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