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Medieval Kingdom Wars – Technologies for Beginners

This guide will explain the basics to technologies where you should start and what it will cost.

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Getting Started

Starting techs can be a big problem for new users. Questions arise like, where should I start? What techs do what? How much do they cost? How do I get upgrade items? This guide is designed to answer these questions in the best possible way. This guide will explain how to upgrade techs, where they are implemented and which ones you should start with. Of course, this guide is only based upon my personal experience, and you are free to explore the technologies however you wish.

Questions and Answers

1. How do i access my technologies?
In order to access technologies you will need to enter your world map view and select the steward menu in the bottom right.

2. What do they do?
Hover your mouse over the tech you want to view and a description will be displayed.

3. How Much do they cost?
You can see the item requirement for a technology by hovering over the tech you want to upgrade.

4. How do i get items required for an upgrade?
Items for upgrades can be earned through victorious battles. Upgrade items can also be purchased at the cost of silver by clicking on the item on the top of the steward menu.

5. What technologies should I start with?
Testing technologies to see which ones work best to start can be a very tedious task. This portion of the guide will explain the best technologies for beginners to really get you up and ready to battle. As a new player you want to jump right into fighting and winning. Unfortunately, as with any good strategy game, it takes a little bit of know how. In order to build a decent economy and a strong army you will need to unlock the Market for your town economy, and Swordsman, Forged blades and Feudal Knights for your military. Below is a list of the items you will need to unlock these 4 items.

Required Items

What you will need:
Swordsman, Forged blades, and feudal knights.

  • Wax: 31
  • Parchment: 3
  • Wine: 2
  • Spices: 2
  • Holy relics: 21
  • Hide: 9
  • Weapons: 4
  • Market
  • Wax: 8
  • Tools: 2
  • Spices: 6
  • Dyes: 10
  • Gold: 4

The Know How

The Market is Obviously the easiest technology and cheapest to unlock. The market can be unlocked under the Economy tree under your steward menu. In order to unlock the market you will first need to unlock 3 other technologies. Equine Husbandry, Bovine Husbandry, And Quartermasters. Crafting these 3 technologies will unlock the ability to craft Merchantilism(the technology that unlocks the market).

You can start with the market if you like, However I recommend starting with military as it will make gathering tech items much faster and easier. The swordsman can be unlocked in the Advanced Military tree in your steward menu. In order to unlock swordsman you will need to craft the 4 previous technologies. Exaction, Excisemen, Reinforced barding, and Bodkin points. Once these 4 are crafted, Swordsman and Forged Blades will then be unlocked. Feudal knights will unlock once you craft the swordsman technology.

Why did i do this?

After these technologies have been crafted you will now have the ability to form a strong military and begin attacking nearby cities. From here on, you can upgrade the technologies however you see fit. The trade tree will help with your market as the end technology is globally implemented market selling. Siegecraft is also another tree that I would suggest working towards as you will need trebuchet or catapults for sieges. As for the army, you can use a mixture of Swordsman (counter for archers) Feudal knights and archers if you please.

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