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Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Combat Tips to Win Every Fight

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Combat Tips

Starting out mount and blade 2 bannerlord has a combat system that may feel rather awkward. So I created this guide for new players to easily win vs the AI in Combat.

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Close Combat Tips

1. The first tip to easily defeat people especially in the arena, is to carry on running around them in a tight circle while swinging your sword horizontally. I recommend running round to their right side where they will be holding their shield because the AI will struggle to hit you with their sword arm, but you can still hit them.

2. Following on from Tip number one. Swing your camera with your attack. For example, if you swing your weapon to the right, also swing your camera to the right at the same time. This will increase your weapons swinging arc allowing you to hit your target from behind.
Essentially the reason this works is because rotating your camera also rotates your characters body. I’ve attached a video that highlights this technique better than words can explain.

This works with ALL melee weapons. Even a spear, you just need to rotate your camera at the las moment, and you can easily hit your foe in the head, even if they have their shield up. In most cases the AI won’t block because it does not appear to them like you are about to attack them.

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3. Close combat goes beyond this basic CHEESE technique that takes advantage of the AI, for example if you time your attacks correctly you can also do combo attacks. If you time your blocks as the enemy attacks you will also stun them for a short duration. But truthfully, if you just follow the first two tips you will never need to master combat.

4. Headshots are always worth it, you can do 3x the damage if you hit your foe’s head.

5. If an enemy is riding towards you and you hit them with a spear, arrow or thrown weapon it can insta kill the horse/rider because their forward momentum means they take more damage. Just like if you ran into a spear, vs walked into it.

6. If you throw/shoot somebody riding/running away from you it will do less damage.

7. If you make your char tall he will be able to move faster and have a slightly longer reach.

Mounted Combat Tips

1. Check when buying or equipping a weapon for use on horseback what its length is. You can see this under the stats section when you hover over it. The longer the pole arm the easier it will usually be to hit people with it. You can also check if the pole arm can be used with a shield or not.

2. Some weapons will be tagged with ‘POLEARM’ in a coloured box, these weapons can be used to do devastating damage on horseback. To activate them you must get up to speed and then you will see a small symbol on the bottom right of your screen appear, press ‘X’ to shift position, you can then crouch on your horse. Now if you ride into somebody you will really hurt them.

3. You can only shoot arrows from the left side of your horse, so always kite enemies to your left. You will also need to account for the forward momentum of your horse, so if you want to hit and enemy while moving past them, aim slightly behind them.

4. Thrown weapons and arrows will do additional damage if you are riding at speed and firing directly in front of you.


1. To make tonnes of money take all this advice into the arena tournaments just make sure you save the game before entering. You can bet money on each round you are in which adds into the price poo if you win, so you will be able to get 2000 gold per tournament win, its very easy to do!

3. The weapons used in tournaments depend where you are in the world. For example Vladia uses crossbows and horses more often than tournaments in Sturgia where you will find yourself with two handed weapons.

4. You can ask the tournament master at the arena if their are any tournaments happening in local towns that you can reach.

5. You actually wear your own armor in tournaments, so outfitting yourself with a decent set of chainmail will give you a HUGE advantage!

Written by Eso Danny

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