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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Hrodvitnir (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Hrodvitnir

Items Acquired
Healing Grape Bunch

I’ll be honest here: Hrodvitnir is probably the easiest “Chapter 2 Boss” yet. Not only do we have Ophilia, who is definitely the best healer but Hrodvitnir also doesn’t have any back-up compared to the other Chapter 2 bosses we’ve faced up to now (although he does get to attack twice per round as a result!). I’m sure the fact that this is the fourth “Chapter 2” boss we’ve faced helps. Still, you don’t want to go too easy on him as he has ways he can increase his shield points as well as moves that will hit the entire party. Most of his attacks don’t hurt that much (especially with a dedicated healer), but you should watch out for his “Sharpen Claws” move as Hrodvitnir can increase his attack (which makes some of those hit-all moves that much more deadly).

All in all, having a dedicated healer and people that can use sword/spear attacks will see you through here. Thief abilities like “Shackle Foe” to counter-act the beast’s ATK UP move and Corrode Armor are both fantastic as well. Break Hrodvitnir’s guard and pour on the damage. Boosted dual-Lightning (or Ice) magic and Olberic’s “Brand’s Thunder” attack will devastate him from there.

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Like always, let’s go over his moves!

  • Attack: Hrodvitnir’s basic attack. He will swing his claw at you and do around 200-250 damage to a single character.
  • Bestial Claw: This is perhaps the Direwolf’s most dangerous move, especially if it has its attack up. Bestial Claw will attack everyone in the party for 300-400 damage unbuffed. Get Ophilia to heal afterwards!
  • Sharpen Claws: This is a status-buff move for Hrodvitnir. When he uses it, he will give himself the ATK UP status. This lasts four turns. If you have the thief abilities with you, using Shackle on Hrodvitnir afterwards will definitely help.
  • The Dreadwolf eyes you warily: As you start to damage Hrodvitnir, he will start to use this move, which will add +2 to his shield points permanently. He will likely use it on you twice at least (stopping at about 9 Shield Points).
  • Hrodvitnir Howls with Rage!: This is an interesting move that, honestly, adds on to why Hrodvitnir is a bit easier. He will roar, using up his turn but giving himself another turn in the next round. This of course means you can focus on breaking him to… negate this move (which is what you should try to do). Otherwise, make sure you are healed up as we don’t need him using ATK UP and Bestial attacks twice in a row afterwards.
  • Bestial Fang: This move can be dangerous, but as long as you keep your HP up it’ll be OK. Hrodvitnir will bite a single character for moderate damage (usually around 400+ or so) but will also give them the “Defense Down” status for several turns.
  • Night Howl: Hrodvitnir will let out an un-nerving howl, trying to inflict your entire party with the cursed status and defense down (remember that cursed stops you from boosting). Hopefully everyone dodges, but you may have a reason to use items or Alfyn’s Rehabilitate move afterwards.
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Overall, not that hard of a fight. The shield increase can be a pain, but I’d still recommend saving your boost points for when he is broken. Also, not that you can poison him and blind him throughout the fight to make things much easier (BK had Alfyn poisoning him and had Ophilia using her summon to do decent damage and blinding him with “Blinding Arrow”). Also note that you can double your prize from him if you have someone use steal during the fight and succeed.

Keep someone on dedicated healing duty and follow the strategies up above to get through this battle and you’ll come out on top.

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