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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – A Flower in the Swamp Walkthrough

A Flower in the Swamp

Speak to Kimo Tavon in your fourth town — he will ask you to retrieve a flower from the swamp. Head to the Swamp Witch’s Hut location. Once there, go to the northeast part of the map. You will need to pass a perception check near some bushes to discover a secret path. Pass an athletics check to enter the hidden area and fight three enemies.

At the top of the area, there will be a bush you need to loot. Retrieve the Rare Bog Flower and return to Kimo. Talk to him and give him the flower. In return, you will receive 600 XP and a Masterwork Longspear.

Kimo will ask if he can stay there. You can either build him a workshop or refuse. Note that the name of the workshop will not match the name of the master. Turns out that Kimo is just a nickname, while his real name is Kimiel. If you decide to build him a workshop, it will take 10 days to complete. Then return to Kimo and talk to him again.

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