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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Dusk of Dragons Walkthrough

The name “Lathimas” sometimes appears in tracts about the history of dragons, but the Commander has had the privilege of meeting the scholar in person. Lathimas longs to unravel the mysteries of the Dragon Burial Ground — a place where many dragons perished for reasons unknown.

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Visit the Dragon Burial Ground
Lathimas, driven by his thirst for knowledge, has set off ahead of the Commander, but he said he would wait at the entrance to the catacombs of the Dragon Burial Ground. His scholarly curiosity has outweighed all sense of reason, for no one knows what may have taken up residence in the caves since the opening of the Worldwound.

Clear a path between the caves
Lathimas asked the Commander to go ahead and clear the path while he takes his time studying the caves — he hopes to find evidence of a battle that once raged in these parts.

Lathimas the archaeologist safely followed the Commander to the door of the Dragon Burial Ground’s treasure room. He will get it open one day, but it is unlikely to be anytime soon.

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