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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Race Tier List

Building a character in this game is a lot, and I want to help inform you and guide you a bit in this process. I will never suggest you MUST pick something, just inform you what is really good, if you have a character idea that goes against what is considered “correct” go for it, this is all about fantasy!

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Race Tier List

S Best of the best
A Great at what it does.
B Gets the job done
C Weak, needs work to get going, or gives up too much

Note that each race has an unique feat that can go along with it.

Humans S

Getting a free feat is so absolutely ridiculous that in some cases it’s just hard to justify picking anything other than human as it can help you progress to other feats or get your build online much faster, and you can dump int and still have 2 good skills.

Elf S

In this game there are a ton of enemies with spell resistances, so the racial feat can save you a feat slot by itself, or make it even more likely to beat it if you take the other feats too, they are the best int caster race.

Dwarf B

Average abilities, Barrows is the best heritage because undead is a common enemy.

Gnome B

If you want to focus on illusion magic then basic is best, pyromaniac is a great pick for obvious reason, and traveler gives you 30 movement which can help if you hate the 20 movement.

Halfling A

Hasty is the best choice because having standard movement speed is great and +2 initiative is worth half a feat and helps if you always want to go first.

Half-Elf A

You can take Dual Heritage to save a feat, or you can get Kindred-Raised to get +2 to cha in addition to your choice of any stat getting +2 (so you can start with 22 cha), either are great choices for a cha caster. Basic is fine if you want to get a big bonus to one skill.

Half-Orc B

Tribal is great for +1 to saves and Human-Raised is good if you want to dump int but still want 2 good skills.

Aasimar A

Great stats, some free abilities and AC from wings, pretty great.

Tiefling A

Great stats and a great bonus, same as Aasimar, the exception is motherless because it gets a bite attack that you can scale.

Oread B

Ironsoul is best because of lead blades, but you need to make use of the awkward stats.

Dhampir B

Undead so you can heal yourself with inflict spells, has a fun feat to get a guaranteed 20 on persuasion checks.

Kitsune B

Decent, pick int one for skills or casting, cha one for persuasion or casting

Written by Lephus

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