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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Missing Scouts Walkthrough

War always brings lossess measured in the dead and the missing. And while the fate of the former is final, the latter still have a chance to defy the statistics with their return.

Captain Seilkbind’s soldiers went out on a scouting mission and never came back. This is but one story of many. But perhaps this particular story will, against all expectations, end in a miraculous rescue?

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Missing Scouts Walkthrough

  • The scouts can be found in the Old Sarkorian Mines, a major map location to the southwest of Ivory Sanctum and west of Terendelev’s Lair
  • Captain Seilkind can be found in Drezen at the barracks, next to the door to the barracks interior
  • There are multiple (very easy to miss) places with a magnifying glass to examine. Two of the hardest ones are the NE area (near a rockslide that doesn’t always give you the examine unless you are just close enough) and the other is the ruins of the building on the east of the map. The others are more intuitively strewn across the map.

It seems unlikely that anyone could have genuinely hoped that those who go missing in the Worldwound could meet any other fate. Perhaps there was never any point in looking for them? Should the Commander have just adjusted the numbers in the Crusade Losses column right away and set his mind to a more productive task? In any case, it is for the Commander to decide what he does in his spare time.

Missing Scouts Objectives

Find the missing soldiers
Captain Seilkind is concerned for his missing scouts. He will be grateful if the Commander can investigate the matter and discover their fate. The soldiers went on a scouting mission to the southwest of Drezen.

Tell Captain Seilkbind about the fate of the missing soldiers
The fate of the missing soldiers has been ascertained. It is now time to deliver these ill tidings to Captain Seilkind.

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