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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Kinetic Demon Build

The synergy here is through the roof.

  • Can somewhat neglect DEX and rely on Rage to carry us
  • Demonic Spell Difficulty Classes (DC) are awful, making it a perfect fit for Enforce Vigor
  • Aspect of Kalavakus is absolutely broken with Kineticist trips. I won’t spoil the interaction, but it’s insane and hilarious at the same time, while Balor both charges our DC further and buffs the team for free.
  • The build really doesn’t need much in the way of Mythic feats, so it actually can take trips, Spell Penetration, and whatnot without hurting the bottom line.

Zen was taken in case you want to melee a bit and Perfect Strike is nice for that as well. Also, Lifebane can absolutely be cast on your Kinetic Blade for added hilarity.

Have fun with it while it lasts.

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Kinetic Demon Build

RoleControl/Damage dealer
AlignmentAny Lawful†
SkillsPerception, Trickery, Mobility 3

† For one level we take Monk. I’d recommend starting Neutral Evil, then edging to Lawful for a level, so you can Scroll of Atonement back to where you were.

†† Purely because +2 Initiative is the best thing we can grab here.


71619 > 2410167

Final Build

KineticistMonk (Zen Archer)


1Kineticist – Point-Blank Shot // Precise Shot // Earth // Extended Range
2Kineticist – Elemental Whispers > Lizard
3Kineticist – Weapon Focus: Kinetic Blast // Kinetic Blade
4Kineticist – Earth > Trip
5Kineticist – Fury’s Fall // Bowling
6Kineticist – Earth > Greater Trip
7Kineticist – Spell Penetration // Fire
8Kineticist – Fire’s Fury
9Kineticist – Greater Spell Penetration // Torrent
10Kineticist – Enduring Earth
11Kineticist – Toughness // Wall
12Kineticist – Skill Focus: Perception
13Kineticist – Improved Initiative // Deadly Earth
14Monk – Dodge
15Kineticist – Tremorsense // Improved Critical: Kinetic Blast
16Kineticist – Water
17Kineticist – Weapon Finesse // Expanded Defenses: Shroud of Water
18Kineticist – Grappling
19Kineticist – Crane Style // Skill Focus: Trickery
20Kineticist – Cloud

Demon Spell Priority

1Enlarge Person
2Molten Orb, Blood Haze, Cat’s Grace, Mirror Image
3Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Haste
4Abyssal Skin, Dragon’s Breath, Enervation

Mythic Path

1Kinetic Overcharge // Instrument of Freedom
2Trip (Mythic)
3Ascendant Element (Fire)
4Spell Penetration (Mythic)
5Enforced Vigor
6Toughness (Mythic)
7The Bigger They Are
8Improved Critical (Mythic)
9Archmage Armor
10Improved Initiative (Mythic)†
DemonAspects: Kalavakus, Balor, Pazuzu, Nocticulaand Brimorak/Succubus/Nabasu††

† Free slot. Pick whatever you fancy.
†† All are fine, pick whatever you like better for the last slots.

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