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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Know thy Enemy Walkthrough (xanthir vang questions)

Know thy Enemy Walkthrough

  • You get the quest right after you have retake the Drezen. However, you need to learn the location of the Ivory Sanctum from quest Demon’s Heresy. And acquired the key from quest The Final Sunset of Winter.
  • Travel to Ivory Sanctum, interact with a pile of bones to reveal the entrance to the maze.
  • Defeat the enemies and open the first door by standing on two plates on the left and right. The demoness Jerribeth will then appear and offer you a deal – work with her to get rid of Xanthir Vang. If you agreed, then her followers will not attack you in this location. (You can still attack her after you defeat Xanthir)
  • Keep exploring the sanctum, be careful about the rock traps, they can instantly kill your characters.
  • The button puzzle in the main hall can be solved in follower order: triangle, hexagon, pentagon, square. Solving the puzzle grants you a hidden chest with a Mask for quest More than Nothing and a cloak.
  • In the upper part of the maze, there’s a room with 2 locked doors. One of the door can only be opened after you defeat Xanthir, the other one can be opened with a combination. A note with a code is lying in the corner. There are five buttons on the wall in another corner. Click on them in the following order: square, triangle, circle, hexagon will reveal a hidden chest. Press the button in this order: triangle, pentagon, square, circle will unlock the door.
  • This door leads to Jerribeth’s chamber, if you turned down her offer, you now need to fight her. Jerribeth tends to use mind-affecting spells on your team, so be prepared.
  • Xanthir’s lab can be found on the east side of the map, defeat his demons and followers, you can unlock the door by letting two characters stand on the pressure plates. And the rest pressing the three buttons on the walls. 
  • You will later meet some golems guarding the dragon eggs, if you managed to stop the golems, you can later send the eggs to Drezen.
  • Continue exploring the maze. TIn the south part of it, there are also three dead-end corridors with bowls that you can interact with. Do this and kill ever guard.
  • In one of the rooms with multiple chests, there’s a puzzle, (note can be found in one of the chests) Here’s a solution for you:
    • Circle
    • pentagon
    • hexagon
    • triangle.
  • After you cleared the maze, use the door on the Southeast side of the maze and head out. You will be welcomed by a large group of demons, but some angles will also appear and help you.
  • Defeat Xanthir in his lab, if you answered his question correctly (his lab was in Drezen, due to rich crystal there. ) he will reveal more info about himself, as well as the portal beneath drezen. Loot his body and find the note, (you can unlock mythic path The Swarm that Walks), take his key, and return to Jerribeth.
Know thy Enemy Walkthrough

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