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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous PC Keyboard Controls

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  1. Keyboard Controls
    1. General
    2. Party
    3. Dialogue

Keyboard Controls

Every control option on the PC version of Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous.

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Highlight ObjectsTAB
Mute MusicALT + SHIFT + M
Mute SoundALT + M
Map M
Camp R
Spells B
Inspect Y / INSERT
Tactical Time Flow SHIFT+ SPACE / V
Quick LoadF8
Quick Save F5
Screenshot F11
Hold PositionH
Move Camera UpW / Up Arrow
Move Camera DownS / Down Arrow
Move Camera LeftA / Left Arrow
Move Camera RightD / Right Arrow
Rotate Camera LeftQ
Rotate Camera RightE
Rotate Camera to Default PositionF1
Follow the Character w/ the CameraF
Turn-based ModeT / CTRL + SPACE
Switch Turn Actionsn/a
Use F-ft move while in Turn-based ModeSHIFT
Skip a cue in a CutsceneSPACE
Skip CutsceneRETURN
Open Modifications WindowCTRL + M


Select Character 1ALT + 1
Select Character 2ALT + 2
Select Character 3ALT + 3
Select Character 4ALT + 4
Select Character 5ALT + 5
Select Character 6ALT + 6
Select All CharactersBACKSPACE / CTRL + A


Dialogue Choice 11
Dialogue Choice 22
Dialogue Choice 33
Dialogue Choice 44
Dialogue Choice 55
Dialogue Choice 66
Dialogue Choice 7  7
Dialogue Choice 8 8
Dialogue Choice 9 9
Dialogue Choice 00
Continue / End DialogueSPACE

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