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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Regill Build

The whitish locks of hair on his head mark the time until his inevitable death. Yet, his own fate doesn’t seem to worry Regill Derenge, a Helllknight to his very core. For those who hone themselves into living weapons, there is no greater purpose than to strike. However, only time will tell where this strike will land.

Regill Build

Starting Info
ClassFighter (Armiger)
AlignmentLawful Evil
FeatsTwo-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Fighter’s Finesse, Weapon Focus (Gnome Hooked Hammer), Weapon Specialization (Gnome Hooked Hammer)

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Regil makes a passable Bloodrager (beats being a Hellknight). Nothing too fancy about it. Monk is there to save us two feats. We could also take Sohei to get a pack mule for free, but that’s extra clutter on the screen, so I passed on it.

Perception, Mobility 3
1318 > 2216101314
Final Build
Fighter (Armiger)HellknightBloodrager (Primalist)Monk (Scaled Fist)
Leveling Guide
7Bloodrager – Improved Two-Weapon Fighting // Celestial
9Bloodrager – Outflank
10Bloodrager – Rage Powers: Animal Fury, Guarded Stance†
11Bloodrager – Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12Bloodrager – Dodge
13Bloodrager – Double Slice
14Bloodrager – Rage Powers: Lesser Beast Totem, Beast Totem
15Monk – Improved Critical: Gnome Hooked Hammer // Crane Style
16Bloodrager – Improved Initiative
17Bloodrager – Extra Rage Power: Greater Beast Totem
19Bloodrager – Retain Bloodline // Toughness // Dazzling Display
20Fighter – Shatter Defenses

† Wrecking Stance would also be okay, but Armour Class (AC) is in shorter supply than damage and I don’t have a spot to take additional rage powers for it. At least not without sacrificing Shatter Defenses wholesale, which would be overall more damage lost.

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Second Bloodline feats
Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Combat Casting
Spell Priority
1Shield, Magic Weapon, Magic Missile, True Strike
2Mirror Image, Cat’s Grace, See Invisibility, Bear’s Endurance
Mythic Path
1Limitless Rage
2Weapon Finesse (Mythic)
3Abundant Casting
4Two-weapon Fighting (Mythic)
5Second Bloodrager Bloodline: Arcane
6Weapon Specialization (Mythic)
7Mythic Charge
8Improved Critical (Mythic)
9Leading Strike
10Power Attack (Mythic)


A more supportive Regil, fit to command a unit. Wants Woljif in the party for Shield Infusion. Quarterstaff Master is picked for the free Perfect Strike. Could also go Sohei 1 for the extra attack, but then you’d have to find a way to scale unarmoured AC for that to work, so I passed on it.

Note: Skald currently is bugged and stops giving any benefits if you load or change locations.

Perception, Mobility 3
1318 > 2216101314
Final Build
Fighter (Armiger)HellknightSkald (Court Poet)Monk (Quarterstaff Master)
Leveling Guide
7Skald – Extend Spell // Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
8Skald – Combat Trick > Outflank
9Skald – Double Slice // Lethal Stance†
11Skald – Combat Reflexes
12Skald – Beast Totem: Lesser
13Skald – Greater TWF // Combat Trick > Improved Critical: Gnome Hammer
15Monk – Dodge // Crane Style
16Skald – Beast Totem
17Skald – Power Attack
19Skald – Beast Totem: Greater // Cleave // Combat Trick > Cleaving Finish

† Take Guarded if there is a Bard in the party.

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Spell Priority
1Cure Light Wounds, Unbreakable Heart, Remove Fear, Vanish, Feather Step
2Mirror Image, Cat’s Grace, Blur, Sense Vitals, Cure Moderate Wounds
3Good Hope, Haste, Delay Poison (Communal), Cure Serious
4Echolocation, Greater Invisibility, Cure Critical Wounds, Freedom of Movement
Mythic Path
1Unrelenting Assault
2Weapon Finesse (Mythic)
3Thundering Blows
4Two-Weapon Fighting (Mythic)
5Leading Strike
6Weapon Specialization (Mythic)
7Favourite Metamagic: Extend
8Improved Critical (Mythic)
9Mythic Charge
10Flawless Attacks†

† Or Power Attack (Mythic).

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