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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Starward Gaze Walkthrough

Starward Gaze Walkthrough

You can acquire the quest after you talked to Ramien in front of the Temple of Desna and decide to spare him.

Agreed to Ilkes’ demand to find all Desnan adepts. His missing friends are Aranka and Thall the Wallflower.

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You can find Aranka at Arendae Party House. She is by the stage. You will earn 69 Experience.

Talk to Aranka and ask her about Thall, then take the shawl and return to Market Square. Thall is disguised as a soldier where your first time enters the area, his character will be called Kenabres Crusader. He will reveal himself because you will be holding Aranka’s Shaw to reveal his true form.

Once Thall reveals himself, Hulrun will arrive with three inquisitors to attempt to arrest Thall for treachery. You have three options:

  1. The first option is to side with Thall, fighting Hulrun and the Inquisitors. This may lead to Hulrun dying and not being able to be recruited (And also completing Feud of the Faithful if you  haven’t already done so). After doing this, Thall will decide to go to the Temple of Desna, located in  the Northwest of the Market Square
  2. As a second option, you can ally with Hulrun, leading to Thall’s arrest, ending this Quest as a failure. Note that if you end up fighting and killing Thall, he isn’t carrying anything more important than basic gear.
  3. As a final option, you can reveal the light of heaven and vouch for Thall, allowing both parties to leave unharmed. 

At the Temple of Desna, you will find all three adepts and will gift you a song, called Starward Gaze. If you sing along, you can unlock the Azata mythic path and the quest ends.

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