Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind Walkthrough

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Even in the face of death, a mortal will keep looking for a way to slip through its cold fingers until they draw their last breath. When Sarkoris was in its final, agonizing days, preparing to be consigned to history, the Blackwater clan kept fighting, crafting a new, never-before-seen weapon against the demons. Their efforts, evidently, were cut short, but it does make one wonder – how close did that unknown genius come to their goal, which could have changed the course of history? And would their final gift be capable of changing the future if it came into the Commander’s possession?

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The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind Walkthrough

  • This location is located in the west region of the worldwound. (Northwest to Ivory Sanctum)
  • The guardians here use tesla coil as defence. Use protection from lightning spell to protect your team. (can be disabled with trickery.)
  • The correct combination to open the front gate is Triangle, Rhombus, Circle with dot.
  • In westmost hall, you can find a key that unlock most doors in this location. The other locked doors require flaming lockpick fuel to open, however, you can use dimensional door spell to by pass them.
  • Keep exploring the location carefully, there’s one room you need to use the control panel to remove the hazard substance (hand, then wind.) to enter.
  • The final boss Hundred-Face is at the northwest corner of the location. To reach him, you need to send one of your team members across the bridge and disable the arcane emitter first.
  • DIsable the four crystal devices near the Hundred-face to defeat him. If you keep the machine, you will get a special crusade project later, to transform your troops to cyborg.
The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind Walkthrough

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