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Post Scriptum Medic Guide: How to be a Effective Medic

In this guide we will go over basic medic gear and who to revive first. Placement of yourself in a squad when attacking or defending.

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Medics are a important roll in post scriptum and to some can seem overwhelming at first but is usually a very simple roll to play once you have played the game and understand the basics of it.

As a medic your are equipped with the following Rifle, Pistol, Frag grenade(s), Smoke grenades, Bandages, Morphine syringe, Building tool, Binos and finally a canteen.

How to use medical tools- Morphine syringe is used to revive a wounded Ally, Bandages are used to heal a ally to full and stop bleeding.

You are a Medic first and rifleman second your team for the most part depends on you so they can keep the pressure up on either attack or defense.

Prioritise your revives;

1. Other medics
2. Squad leader (Some disagree here)
3. Machine gunners/AT
4. All others

never play medic for the pistol, you will only hurt your team.

Move from cover to cover when going for a wounded ally. If cover is not readily available use concealment. Smoke grenades are also your best friends.

Placement in a squad

Now that you know the basic important parts of your kit lets talk about where to place yourself in your squad.

When attacking a postion it is good to place yourself out of the line of fire so if your moving into a point try and stay towards the back or middle but try not to make yourself a target. If there are two medics both can be placed in the back or one in the back and one in the middle. A medic should never ever be point man no matter what. The medics of a squad should always stay apart from each other.

When defending a postion such as a town you as a medic should stay in a general area with good cover and concealment so you are able to move to the wounded. Do not stay in one house for the duration of the fight for the point, instead move between the buildings stay low and move in such a way the the enemy will be more concentrated on the rest of your team. Beaware that when your team starts to get over ran or your postion has been flanked that you need to take a second and make a judgement call on if you want to continue moving or defend a postion with some friendlys.

A squadleader may want a medic to stick with him at all times if this is the case and you are the second medic you should postion yourself in the back of the squad at all times and try not to stray away from the squad as the other medic will undoubtly be engaging the enemy constantly and dying accordingly.

If you find yourself seperated from the squad it is best to stick with some blueberries who do not have a medic with them and fight towards your squadmates when attacking. When defending its best to just follow the defending placement.

Keep in mind that especially when defending that your situation will constantly be changing meaning you have to adapt to it.

Medic Tips

1.When going for a wounded ally in open ground it should be common sense to smoke it off or have your team lay down ungodly amounts of suppressing fire.

2. This tip applies only to the british medics. You are equipped with white phosphorus grenades these grenades can be your friend or worse than the germans. Phosphorus grenades do damage and can kill or seriously injure the enemy, they know this to so use it to your advantage so if theres and enemy machine gun in a window and he is pinning your other medic down throw your WP grenade infront of or in that window to make him move giving your other medic the chance to move and heal allies.

3. Communicate. That is key if you have a mic yell at someone “Hey dont give up im on my way”. Ask where there where hit from?, did they kill him?, How many where there?. These are basic questions to ask but get that information if you can before attempting to revive. If they dont speak ok make a judgement call on if you want to try or not. Once you get them up tell the to move behind cover.

4.Check your map.. As a medic you don’t just run around following your squad like a lost puppy. You should check your map constantly to see if theres wounded near by or to see if the person your going to get has given up. I would say in an attack or when being attacked every two mins max check your map.

5.You dont always have to heal someone to full after reviving them if theres three people down then get one up and continue down the line getting the next guy and so forth then heal them later.

6.If your attempting to revive someone and theres a tank nearby smoke of the front of the tank he has a lower chance of killing you if he cant see♥♥♥♥♥♥

7.If its possible when moving to revive someone tell at a blueberry or a squad mate to come with you and keep you covered 9/10 times they will come with you.

8.Especially when defending its good to use your pistol in a CQC enviroment as most of the time you will encounter a bolt action rifle.

9. Just because you ran out into a field and revived a guy doesnt mean its all clear. Snipers/machine gunners often wait for you to revive your ally then kill you both. So take a second or two and scout it out and don’t stay in the middle of the open once you have revived him. If there are multiple allies down then have one cover you while you get the next then he can move to cover while the other guy covers you and him. You could also have him move to cover so he can cover you better.

10.If there are friendlys down in a field or the enemy has the path that you need to take covered and theres an tank nearby follow it using it as cover for as long as you can. Or use it as a distraction while you revive them.

11. Save one or two bandages for yourself your allies can always be picked up with morphine and just continue fighting but if your the only medic there if you die they die.

Written by imafatguy

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