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RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore is a “rogue-lite” anime-style adventure set in a colorful fantasy world where players hack-and-slash their way through an army of mechanical monsters using a huge variety of unique melee weapons and devastating magic attacks!

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Remilore Weapons

There are a total of 213 weapons in RemiLore, divided into six weapon classes; One-Handed Swords, Hammers, Gauntlets, Staffs, Two-Handed Swords, and Dual Blades.

Keep in mind that some weapons are not useful. All Hammers and Two-Handed Swords are too slow, so I would advise avoiding them (unless you are trying for an Enthusiast Trophy/Achievement). The higher the DPS, the stronger the weapon. Rank S and Rank A are the best, and Remi’s Golden Broom is the best weapon in the game.

Some other good weapons are Golden Power Paws, Leeks, and Chocolate Banana. They’re very powerful weapons, and deal a lot of damage, quickly.

Usually, you don’t get weapons as item drops, so they are mostly just rewards at the end of each level. You’ll also find Training Dummies at the end of each level, so feel free to try out your new weapons before moving on, to make sure you like using it. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with that weapon until the end of the NEXT level, which can be a pain.

Below you will find a complete list of every weapon in the game, in the order listed in-game.

One-Handed Swords

#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1GlameringB528-570+Attack Speed Increase
2Vector BladeB502-568+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
3Blue BaneB509-563+Berserker Effect
4ShinaiC402-441+Berserker Effect
5Mecha BladeB541-549+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Stunned
6Chocolate BananaS835-903+Combo Boost
7Baseball BatB505-563+Stamina Drain
8Cricket BatC370-443+Blood Drain
9Tennis RacketC387-445+Damage Boost vs. Boss
10Field Hockey StickC378-441+Mana Drain
11Ice Hockey StickC406-427+Blood Drain
12Elegant FanA659-716+Stun
13Rose BouquetS822-874+Damage Boost vs. Normal
14The Bacon BashB492-579+Stun / +Critical Rate Boost
15The Soup ScourgeC406-450+Knock Back Boost
16SpatulaC410-431+Damage Boost vs. Stunned
17Golf ClubC370-428+Desserts Drop Boost
19Chrono BladeA636-705+Desserts Drop Boost
20Amethyst Blade of DestinyB485-567+Mana Cost Decrease
21The DeathmongerB487-553+Mana Cost Decrease
22Plastic FlamingoB532-544+Combo Boost
23Balloon SwordC402-423+Mana Cost Decrease / +Critical Rate Boost
25Skyheart BladeS826-877+Attack Speed Increase
26Dos MuertesA653-727+Slow
27CryptfillerA25-1141+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
28Vroom of DoomS863-893+Bullet Slash
29SteamerS828-868+Mana Drain
30Boo-Bear BladeA687-701+Bullet Slash
31Sorcerer’s WandA685-692+Stamina Drain
32Genki KatanaS802-901+Blood Drain
33Sneaky NinjatoB492-554+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
34Li’l BlueB487-547+Critical Rate Boost / +Flank Attack Boost
36Flexi-SlasherB97-799+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
37Remi’s BroomD308-317(None)
38Fire IronD314-326+Knock Back Boost
39Old ClunkyD313-328+Desserts Drop Boost
40Craft ScissorsD311-322+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
41Sewing NeedleD309-320+Mana Cost Decrease
42Wooden Toy SwordD310-321+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Stunned
43Remi’s Golden BroomS950-999+Berserker Effect / +Critical Rate Boost


#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1The Cold CrusherA651-724+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
2Flame ImpactorB487-567+Damage Boost vs. Burned
3Squeaky HammerS805-884+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Stunned
4SledgehammerC414-429+Flank Attack Boost
5Mallet of BeamsD311-322+Slow
6Thorn StoneS816-874+Freeze
7Makeshift BludgeonD314-326+Stamina Drain
8Birthday Balloon BasherA640-710+Knock Back Boost
9Rocket Fiesta FistB104-810+Bullet Slash
10Cookout SausageS844-909+Blood Drain
11Ion Assault SmasherA669-728+Mana Drain
12Proton AcceleratorA657-705+Mana Drain
13Royal HeartbreakerS830-873+Stun
14Cursed Dragon’s HammerA673-706+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
15Wormhole DriveS859-878+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Slowed
16The Orc’s BackboneA22-1144+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
17The Green DeathB486-565+Desserts Drop Boost
18The Elephant’s FootB488-551+Damage Boost vs. Boss
19Spiked War FistB539-550+Mana Cost Decrease
20Drive Shaft HammerB503-566+Mana Cost Decrease
21Lunk LevelerB486-556+Damage Boost vs. Normal
22Spiky HammerB494-547+Flank Attack Boost
23Spiky Barrel BasherB532-566+Attack Speed Increase
24Potato MasherC403-418+Damage Boost vs. Normal
25Aztec HammerB509-579+Berserker Effect
26Cheese GraterC386-428+Berserker Effect
27Orc’s BaneC400-425+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
28King’s SledgeC371-428+Stamina Drain
29IronheadC367-441+Damage Boost vs. Boss
30Kung Fu HammerC366-423+Desserts Drop Boost
31Claw HammerD304-331+Mana Cost Decrease / +Critical Rate Boost
32Ruined Traffic SignD309-330+Berserker Effect


#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1Plated FistsB519-545+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
2Whisker MittensS824-872+Slow
3Boxing GlovesA635-708+Attack Speed Increase
4Knight’s GripB533-549+Slow
5Barrels of PainC406-445+Critical Rate Boost / +Flank Attack Boost
6Chivalrous HandsA628-693+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
7LogsD309-316+Stamina Drain
8Tuna CansC417-424+Stun
9Rugby BallsB529-570+Blood Drain / +Critical Rate Boost
10CoconutsD308-318+Blood Drain
11Soda SteinsA23-1142+Damage Boost vs. Stunned
12Lobster ClawsS831-907+Flame
13Baseball MittsB91-1044+Mana Drain / +Volatile Command Damage
14Retro GlovesA685-717+Damage Boost vs. Burned
15Blade HandsA640-715+Mana Drain
16Steel Death GripsA636-720+Bullet Smash
17Badger’s ClawsB521-575+Knock Back Boost
18Heart BucklersS841-875+Desserts Drop Boost
19Star PunchersS850-876+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
20JackhammerB522-558+Desserts Drop Boost
21NeedlesB497-557+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Normal
22Buzz SawsB512-570+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
23Bejeweled Brass KnucklesC376-450+Damage Boost vs. Boss
24Poop HandsD307-320+Mana Cost Decrease
25Juice BoxesD312-332+Mana Cost Decrease
26Scissor FingersC373-443+Flank Attack Boost
27Power DrillsC391-424+Mana Cost Decrease
28Spiky FistsC391-428+Attack Speed Increase / +Critical Rate Boost
29Cleaver HandsB512-563+Berserker Effect
30Old Smelly BootsD305-321+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
31Bowling PinsD310-323+Berserker Effect
32Power PawsD304-314(None)
33Golden Power PawsS942-999+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Normal


#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1Golden RodB516-543+Flank Attack Boost
2Oak BoC380-447+Combo Boost
3The Demon’s ToothpickD305-326+Slow
4Storm ScepterA630-691+Flank Attack Boost
5Queen of HeartsS846-901+Stamina Drain
6Fuzzy FuryS801-867+Flame
7Spaghetti and MeatballsS835-905+Blood Drain
8Tesla RodA687-703+Damage Boost vs. Stunned
9ToothbrushS799-885+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Burned
10Chocolate StickS834-871+Mana Drain
11Gear LeverA630-694+Stamina Drain
12Octo TridentB505-580+Mana Drain
13Hungry MambaB504-569+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
14Ornate MaceB496-568+Knock Back Boost
15Midnight HarpoonB106-798+Volatile Command Damage / +Desserts Drop Boost
17Armageddon StaffA22-1146+Flame / +Critical Rate Boost
18Death LoverB538-570+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
19Monk’s Ringed StaffA652-694+Attack Speed Increase
20Spear De LisB502-563+Mana Cost Decrease
21Monk’s StaffB529-550+Berserker Effect
22Golden Leaves of PainB521-548+Slow
23The Devil’s ForkC372-442+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
24Gladiator’s TridentC393-446+Critical Rate Boost / +Bullet Smash
25Telescopic StaffC380-444+Combo Boost
26Tactical SpearC373-446+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
27Flathead SpearC398-435+Stun
28Clovis Point SpearC381-434+Damage Boost vs. Stunned
29Stone Age BludgeonC373-438+Damage Boost vs. Normal
30Lacrosse StickD310-327+Bullet Slash
31Bamboo StickD308-315+Mana Cost Decrease
32Camper’s Toilet PaperD304-316+Damage Boost vs. Burned
33Large Rowing OarD301-325+Damage Boost vs. Boss

Two-Handed Swords

#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1LongswordC389-437+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
2ClaymoreC410-420+Attack Speed Increase
3Long BroadswordC381-433+Stun
4Skull BlasterC409-443+Flame
5DangoS845-896+Berserker Effect
6Cabbage CutterC374-419+Freeze
7Silver FangC366-427+Slow / +Critical Rate Boost
8GreatswordB497-570+Stamina Drain
9The Foe CleaverB497-577+Blood Drain
10Sturdy Wooden SwordD305-316+Blood Drain
11Toad PiercerD313-321+Knock Back Boost
12Practice NodachiD309-315+Damage Boost vs. Stunned
13Bone HackerD311-319+Mana Drain
14Night TerrorA646-726+Flame
15Sun StreakA673-718+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
16Life SnatcherA662-708+Flame / +Critical Rate Boost
17Two-Handed Kendo ShinaiB485-553+Combo Boost
18Steel PunisherB497-561+Damage Boost vs. Normal
19Dream SmasherB521-574+Desserts Drop Boost
20Ice Cream BarS842-884+Damage Boost vs. Slowed
21Ice Cream ConeS860-892+Freeze
22Ddukbokki StickS861-864+Mana Cost Decrease
23Pink ChainsawA640-699+Mana Cost Decrease
24KeytarS802-900+Mana Cost Decrease
25CarrotA21-1143+Bullet Smash
26Rainbow’s EdgeS806-868+Damage Boost vs. Normal
27Royal Kitten’s BladeA651-698+Attack Speed Increase
28Kiss of DeathA646-709+Berserker Effect
29Unicorn PiercerB488-579+Blood Drain
30MacuahuitlB498-548+Blood Drain
31Mystical FlameS812-908+Damage Boost vs. Burned
32Dark AxeB494-577+Mana Drain
33Highland SteelB102-804+Mana Drain / +Critical Rate Boost
34The Skull SplitterB536-579+Combo Boost
35LanceB506-560+Knock Back Boost
36KhopeshB536-549+Desserts Drop Boost
37Soul HarvesterA671-707+Desserts Drop Boost
38Morning StarB499-571+Flame
39Cusped FalchionC377-443+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Boss
40Cerulean CleaverC414-431+Berserker Effect
41Scrap PileD302-331+Mana Cost Decrease
42Bucket HeartD303-326+Combo Boost

Dual Blades

#Weapon NameRankDPSEffect
1Buccaneer’s DaggersC392-435+Freeze
2Fancy HangersB504-546+Freeze
3Azure EclipseA656-700+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
4LollipopsS802-895+Blood Drain
5SticksD311-320+Mana Drain
6HagoitaA641-702+Damage Boost vs. Boss
7Gold-Crested SwordsB485-554+Damage Boost vs. Boss
8Flank KnivesB508-572+Critical Rate Boost / +Damage Boost vs. Slowed
9NightbringersC384-444+Blood Drain
10Barbecued SquidsS848-881+Mana Drain
11LeeksS847-899+Desserts Drop Boost
12Survival KnivesC365-431+Mana Cost Decrease
13CutlassesC365-418+Mana Cost Decrease
14Trench KnivesC408-419+Stun
15SaiC403-420+Flank Attack Boost
16Storm DaggersS830-899+Knock Back Boost
17Marshmallow SticksS805-878+Flame
18Panther Heart BladesA23-1140+Blood Drain
19Claw BonesA629-693+Damage Boost vs. Mid-Boss
20The Devil’s JawB107-767+Volatile Command Damage / +Damage Boost vs. Normal
21TomahawksB485-553+Slow / +Critical Rate Boost
22Curved Short SwordsB530-576+Knock Back Boost
23Short MacesB525-566+Desserts Drop Boost
24Main Gauche BladesB506-555+Damage Boost vs. Frozen
25Police NightsticksC398-439+Mana Cost Decrease
27Straight RazorsC370-419+Mana Cost Decrease / +Critical Rate Boost
28Monkey WrenchesD310-329+Mana Cost Decrease
29Nail BoardsD301-329+Attack Speed Increase
30Iron PipesD312-326+Desserts Drop Boost

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