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Remnant From the Ashes Scrapper Melee/Shotgun Build

Scrapper Melee/Shotgun Build

Pure melee is not really viable at the moment during early game and some content, but for those of you hardcore slash first, ask questions later players that like a challenge this build may work fine.

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Void and Akari Armor sets are clear choices for this close combat build. The Void set increases all of your damage whenever you’re hit, while Akari Armor boosts Melee damage and Critical chance when you dodge attacks. Obviously, the Void set is better if you plan on taking damage more often. If you’re capable of dodging most of the attacks then Akari is better, though you’ll lose out on Shotgun damage buffs so you’ll have to be purely melee.


The primary weapon is going to be the Shotgun since it’s one of the best close ranged weapons that you can use.

The secondary weapon doesn’t matter all that much, though the SMG may be able to dish out a lot of damage close range.

Melee slot goes to the close combat weapon of your choice. Each melee weapon has its unique playstyle and mechanics. If you want to deal AoE damage, Petrified Maul is great and not that hard to obtain.


Band of Strength, Gravity Stone and Root Circles are awesome choices for a big damage increase. Though, you might find yourself needing more survivability in most cases. If you have problems surviving fights then go for a resist/hp ring setup instead.


Twisted Idol and Pocket Watch are going to be your main choices here depending on your playstyle. If you get hit a lot, Twisted Idol. In case you can dodge, Pocket Watch for the Stamina regen and reduced cost of dodging.


The melee build often has trouble surviving, therefore you need more survivability perks here.

Keeper’s Blessing, Glutton, Triage, Bark Skin, Will to Live, Guardian’s Blessing are all good defensive choices.

For a bit more damage, go for Warrior.

Weapon Mods

Corrosive Aura for reducing enemy armor.

Mender’s Aura, Flicker Cloak and Mantle of Thorns for more survivability.

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